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Gigi Hadid Kept Low Profile With Leonardo DiCaprio And His Father George!

Gigi Hadid recently gave appearance with her rumored boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio and his father!

Gigi Hadid was seen spending time with Leonardo DiCaprio and his dad. Celebrities try to keep their love life very much grounded and away from any kind of attention.

And due to the same reason, we have seen them not coming in the front related to their relationship.

Whether we talk about them coming for a date night or a lunch or making any public appearance, they try to avoid the media. And if we talk about all these things then Hollywood is such a place where we have seen the life of celebrities coming into focus related to their relationship.

The same recently happened with Gigi Hadid as she made an appearance with her rumored boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio. It was on 6 June 2023 when the model Gigi Haid gave an appearance with the actor Leonardo DiCaprio and his father George.

It was in London where the 28-year-old model Gigi Hadid kept a very low profile while walking into the hotel. While on the other hand, the 48-year-old actor Leonardo DiCaprio with his father was seen earlier arriving at the hotel with the stepmother.

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Even though Gigi Hadid kept a very low profile, she was still looking very beautiful as ever. The model was seen wearing all black and trying to keep things very hidden while arriving at the hotel.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Gigi Haid and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Gigi Hadid

According to the photos she was wearing a long black trench coat over a black outfit. For these things, she was also paired with sunglasses and high heels. The model also kept her hair ponytail while moving toward the hotel.

Leonardo DiCaprio was wearing a dark Bomber jacket with Black jeans. He was wearing white sneakers and a cap and also wearing face masks.

While on the other hand, his father George was wearing a black jacket with pants and matching shoes.

The stepmother of Leonardo DiCaprio was seen in all white coming with pants and pink sneakers. She completed her look with a white turban.

The Romance rumors between Gigi Hadid and Leonardo Dicaprio came back in September 2022.

According to the reports they started seeing each other not very seriously but things are now quite serious between them. Since then they were seen giving many appearances from the fashion week to the after-party of the Met Gala.

They both also attended the Oscars party and spend time together without having any kind of attention.

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