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Heart of Stone: Gal Gadot jumps out of a burning airship for Netflix (VIDEO)

The actress next holds the lead role of Tom Harper, an eventful and “completely insane” thriller.

heart of stoneTom Harper’s next film (Misfits, The Lady in Black 2), will land on Netflix this summer. The first images circulated by the platform already announced a thriller with large scale action sequences. From now on, new announcements of girl gadot (who plays the lead) There’s no doubt about it: The director has put together a package for the stunt.

actress of fast and furious And wonder woman Really invested a lot in this new production. invested so much that a special image of Empire Reveals his character by jumping out of a burning airship into the void. Like any other work day, so to speak.

“Originally, the scene was even crazier (…), he swears, We downgraded it eventually. I really wanted to make sure it could be done by a human”.

Gal Gadot is already on the cusp of success red notice For the same streaming service, this complex sequence shows intense training. In particular, he spent some time in a wind tunnel to recreate the whirling conditions of the scene.

In the video released by Netflix, we see him in action in several other situations. To believe it he didn’t leave a piece for the stunt team. “There are really crazy scenes. That, they didn’t let me do that!comments the actress.

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If we take our cues from the title, the film will follow the eventful daily life of Rachel Stone, an apparently unsympathetic intelligence agent. “Stone Heart”. “No friends, no relations. What we do is very important”We are also warned in the video.

“I realized there was an audience that was interested in female characters in action films, he concluded. i grew up watching James BondImpossible Goaljason bourne, I wanted to make a film for everyone with a female lead and not another male story that has already been told many times.

heart of stone Will be available on Netflix on August 11, 2023.

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