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5 MCU roles Gal Gadot must take after Wonder Woman stint at DC

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5 MCU roles Gal Gadot must take after Wonder Woman stint at DC

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With James Gunn’s plan for DC starting to take shape, it can be said that Gal Gadot’s time as Wonder Woman is at an end. Unless the studio finds a sensible way to keep the actress playing the famed heroine, it might be time to find greener pastures elsewhere. In that regard, the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be the right place to jump into, especially for someone of Gadot’s popularity. We take a look below at several MCU roles that Gal Gadot must take after her time in DC.

5 MCU roles Gal Gadot must take after Wonder Woman stint at DC

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5. Lilandra Neramani

The X-Men are no strangers when it comes to going on epic space adventures. Back in the comics, the premiere mutant group constantly rubbed elbows with the Shi’ar, an avian-related alien humanoid race that boasted a number of worlds under their rule. Ruled by Lilandra Neramani, their people often sought Charles Xavier’s X-Men out to ward off any threat to their galaxy or the ruling house itself.


Gadot herself isn’t getting any younger, which makes him an ideal choice to play this character. Lilandra serves as the perfect partner for Xavier as the two would eventually enter a relationship, and even get married at some point in the comics. The former Wonder Woman would certainly look the part with the proper prosthetics and all. More importantly, though, Gadot’s regalness will help convince MCU fans that she can play Lilandra, especially when seen leading the Shi’ar Imperial Guard. This element will come in handy if Marvel goes to adapt Dark Phoenix, one of the most popular X-Men storylines out there.

4. Moondragon

After three movies helmed by James Gunn and his eventual transfer to DC, the future of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the MCU isn’t set in stone as before. Even with a new team led by Rocket, there’s no concrete plan yet on what will be done to this team of misfits in future phases. But if there are plans to create more movies about this group, getting Gal Gadot to play Moondragon will put the Guardians back on top.

Moondragon, a character often associated with different versions of the Infinity Watch and Guardians of the Galaxy, is a human being named Heather Douglas orphaned by Thanos at an early age. After the Mad Titan killed her parents, she was taken in by Mentor, Thanos’ father, and raised to be a formidable warrior herself. If Gadot is chosen to play this part, it won’t be a big departure at all from Wonder Woman. The shaved head, of course, is the biggest exception and it’ll help Gadot stand out in this new role if the part potentially comes to her.

3. Jocasta

Ultron isn’t the only being running on Artificial Intelligence in the comics, and can be adapted for the MCU. Turns out, the primary antagonist of Avengers: Age of Ultron creates a female robot based on the brain waves of Janet Van Dyne, better known as the Wasp, to be his bride. After some time, the being known as Jocasta turns on her creator and joins the Avengers.

In the event Marvel decides to go with Jocasta, getting Wonder Woman herself to be the physical basis and voice of the sentient A.I. being will be a match made in heaven. It’ll also serve the former DC star well as it’ll give audiences a new version of her to root for. Expect the Avengers to take on a new dynamic if Kevin Feige gives this role to Gadot.

2. Mystique

When it comes to on-screen presence, Gal Gadot has that in spades. Add that impact and appeal to a character like Mystique and the MCU’s X-Men will clearly have a winner in its hands.


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As an anti-hero or villain popularized by Rebecca Romjin and Jennifer Lawrence in the past, Mystique needs no introduction to fans everywhere. That’s going to be a boon for Gadot as the story can focus on her being a force of nature to be reckoned with in the upcoming X-Men films in the MCU. Hand him a pair of pistols, some CGI to fully maximize his shape-shifting abilities, and Mystique will be revitalized for a new generation of fans.


1. Elektra

It’s no secret that Daredevil is gonna have his first season on Disney Plus soon. What’s not yet known at this point is who’s going to play Elektra Natchios, his on-screen lover. If ever Kevin Feige wants to elevate the Daredevil series to epic heights, there can only be one name to play her – Gal Gadot.

Fortunately, the DC star is no stranger when it comes to physical roles. With her star power and credibility playing this kind of character, fans are going to flood the streaming service to catch Daredevil if ever the MCU lands Gadot in this role. Add the fact that she can appear in other Marvel-related projects and this cinematic universe will finally find a new lease on life if ever that happens.

It remains to be seen where Gadot will end up next after playing Wonder Woman for DC. What’s certain at this point in time is that wherever she goes, the fans will surely follow her there.

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