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SnyderVerse supporters recreate Gal Gadot’s infamous ‘Imagine,’ but at least it’s for a good cause

Zack Snyder accepts the Valiant Award during The 4th Annual Hollywood Critics Association Film Awards on March 05, 2021. (Photo by Hollywood Critics Association/Getty Images for the Hollywood Critics Association)

(Photo by Hollywood Critics Association/Getty Images for the Hollywood Critics Association)

March 2020 was not a good month. The beginning of the COVID pandemic saw the world thrown into chaos and an uncertain future. Fortunately, Gal Gadot was on the case, deciding that a video of her millionaire celebrity friends singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” would cheer everyone up. As it turned out, the world wasn’t exactly enthused about rich people telling them “imagine no possessions” and that “there’s no heaven” when faced with a deadly virus.

The affair was an embarrassing fumble from all concerned, but now Zack Snyder fans are here to do it right. Yup, the SnyderVerse community has united for a montage cover of The Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” reworking it as “I Want It Zack’s Way.” The result is… well, it’s a thing alright:

Okay, fine; it’s off-key, questionably produced, and one of the most pure doses of uncut cringe we’ve seen in a while. That said, it’s all to raise funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, so we can forgive.

This charity is close to both Snyder and his fans’ hearts, as the filmmaker’s daughter Autumn tragically took her own life during the production of Justice League. Since then, Snyder himself has launched numerous fundraisers for the organization and his supporters have followed suit, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations.

All that said, the chances of the SnyderVerse ever actually being restored are now unbelievably unlikely. James Gunn is steering the DCU towards a new future away from Snyder’s vision, with The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom a long goodbye to what began in Man of Steel a decade ago.

Snyder is now focused on the upcoming Netflix Original Rebel Moon, which is sounding like his dream project. All that said, if keeping the SnyderVerse flame burning helps fund a vital charity, then we say let the campaign roll on.

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