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The surprising salary Scarlett Johansson earned after appearing in Wes Anderson’ new film ‘Asteroid City’

It will premiere on June 16

Wes Anderson’s new movie, ‘Asteroid City’, is set to hit theaters on June 16. It boasts an exceptional cast, including renowned actress Scarlett Johansson.

Joining Johansson in the film are esteemed names from the industry such as Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, Tilda Swinton, Adrien Brody, Brian Cranston, and others.

With a runtime of just over 100 minutes, the Manhattan-born actress makes only brief appearances in the movie.

In a surprising revelation during an interview, Johansson disclosed her salary for her role in ‘Asteroid City’.

Despite having just two frames in the film, the actress revealed the amount she received for working under Anderson‘s direction. The figure was unusual and caught everyone’s attention.

Johansson’s salary for ‘Asteroid City’

During an interview with Variety, Johansson disclosed that she earned 4,000 dollars per week for her role in ‘Asteroid City’.

When calculated considering the film’s two-month shoot, the actress earned a maximum of approximately 36,000 dollars.

This amount was far below what she typically earns as one of the world’s top actresses.

Sued Disney

Furthermore, Johansson recently made headlines due to her legal dispute with Disney over the release of the new Marvel film, ‘Black Widow’.

The controversy arose from the contractual agreement between the actress and the production company, which stipulated that her salary would be tied to the box office performance of ‘Black Widow’ in theaters.

As a result, Disney decided to release ‘Black Widow’ simultaneously in theaters and on the streaming platform Disney Plus.


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This decision infuriated Johansson, leading her to file a lawsuit against the production company in a Los Angeles court.

Ultimately, after a tense exchange of statements, the matter was resolved through another confidential contract.

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