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Is Wonder Woman in The Flash?

The Flash features plenty of superhero cameos, with the film even turning into a stealth Justice League movie at the end. Only one with a few familiar faces missing. Including Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot has played Wonder Woman for a decade now, appearing in a pair of self-titled, standalone movies, as well as DC’s team-up flicks.

With new management overseeing the superhero properties at Warner Bros, the third Wonder Woman movie has stalled. But that doesn’t mean Gadot has stopped playing the character.

Wonder Woman recently appeared in Shazam: Fury of the Gods. While to find out if she pops up in The Flash, scroll down. Just beware of SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Wonder Woman in The Flash?

Yes, Wonder Woman is in The Flash. Diana Prince participates in the action sequence that opens the movie, where she teams up with both Batman and Flash.

The Flash kicks off with Barry Allen receiving a call from Alfred Pennyworth. There’s been a robbery at Gotham Central, involving a deadly virus that could wipe out half of Gotham.

Batman is after the crooks, but there’s an issue at the hospital that needs attention. Superman is otherwise engaged. And Diana Prince is “not picking up.” So the responsibility falls to Barry, cleaning up Batman’s mess, and serving as what he calls the “Justice League’s janitor.”

Batman follows the criminals to a bridge, where it looks like said virus will fall into the water. Then a familiar theme plays, the ‘Lasso of Justice’ hooks said villains, and Wonder Woman appears saying, “Sorry I’m late.”

With Diana saving the day, both Batman and Flash appear in front of her, and start stating way too much. Because – in a joke that’s been overused in the DCEU at this point – they are in contact with the Lasso, so telling the truth.

Barry makes it weirdly inappropriate by stating, “I know sex exists, I’ve just never experienced it.” But Wonder Woman ignores his nonsense, says, “I have to run – always a pleasure,” and exits the film for good.

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