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Keanu Reeves Becomes A Multiverse Batman In Impressive Fanart

Batman fanart sees Keanu Reeves as a version of the Dark Knight who uses guns and does not shy away from vengeance, similar to John Wick.

Keanu Reeves steps into the shoes of Flashpoint Batman in an impressive fan art that depicts what the actor could look like as this version of the character, opposite Robert Pattinson’s Batman. In the comic by Geoff Johns and the animated adaptation by Jay Oliva, Flashpoint Paradox showcases an alternate reality where Bruce Wayne died and his parents lived.

In Flashpoint, Thomas Wayne becomes a ruthless Batman with guns and Martha Wayne becomes the Joker. The Flash will depict its version of Flashpoint, but instead of featuring Thomas Wayne’s Batman Michael Keaton returns to the role. Zack Snyder also had plans for his version of Flashpoint that did not come to fruition, following his Justice League saga, which would have depicted Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne Batman set up in Batman v Superman. Despite these iterations, Matt Reeves Batman universe fanart imagines Keanu Reeves as Thomas Wayne Batman.

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M.design34 shared their impressive fan art on Instagram of Keanu Reeves as Flashpoint Batman. Even though only the bottom half of the actor’s face is showing, it is easy to tell that it is Reeves thanks to the particular style of beard and facial expression. The suit looks to be a modified rendition of Pattinson’s Batsuit, and the post says, “The Batman-verse.” Keanu Reeves’ ruffled and stoic performance from John Wick is used as an inspiration to envision what Thomas Wayne would be like as Flashpoint Batman in the Reeves Batman universe, especially since this version of the character fights with guns similarly. It is also quite fitting since Reeves has always wanted to play Batman, and this version would allow him to do so in a one-off that depicts an older version of the character, which utilizes his gun and close-quarter combat training from John Wick.

There has been no announcement of whom the DCU Batman will be, but it is suspected to be someone who will also voice the character in animated projects. Reeves voiced Batman in DC League of Super-Pets, and his admiration for the character is well known, so hopefully, Warner Bros. Discovery thinks of him if an opportunity arises to don the cape and cowl. Supernatural and The Boys actor Jensen Ackles is the current voice for Batman and has also expressed interest in wanting to play Batman. At this point, it is anyone’s guess who the next Batman could be, as it may also be neither of these choices.

It was reported that Reeves’ Constantine sequel was in development. However, after meeting with DC Studios CEO James Gunn and Peter Safran, Reeves expressed that Constantine 2 is being “re-evaluated” but is still hopeful that it will happen. This is why the DC Elseworlds label exists, which creates room for the Constantine sequel and a possible Batman adaptation starring Reeves outside the DCU.

Flashpoint Paradox is available to stream on HBO Max.

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