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“Looks Younger Than Her”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Steals the Spotlight Posing Alongside 38-YO Actress Who Feels “Empowered” After Her $350,000,000 Franchise Got Canceled

In a recent Instagram post, Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger sent fans into a frenzy when he shared a picture of himself standing alongside the talented actress Gal Gadot at a Netflix event. The photo quickly garnered attention as fans expressed their excitement over the unexpected pairing of these two cherished actors. Additionally, Netflix features exciting projects involving both Schwarzenegger and Gadot. Schwarzenegger recently debuted on the small screen with his highly anticipated Netflix original series, “Fubar,” followed by his documentary “Arnold” on the same platform.


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In the meantime, following the cancellation of DC’s Wonder Woman Franchise, the upcoming action spy movie “Heart of Stone” will feature the 38-year-old actor as the star, and it has a scheduled release date of August 11. In an interview with Total Film, Gadot mentioned that she chooses to maintain a positive outlook instead of dwelling on disappointment – emphasizing that the news actually “empowers” her. Furthermore, she expressed, “The fact that I don’t have to sit idly at home and merely wait for the next offer makes me feel empowered. As a result, I enjoy doing it – it keeps me alive.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gal Gadot’s Instagram picture sparks excitement


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The shared Instagram picture by the bodybuilding icon, featuring him and Gadot, ignited excitement among their fans. In the photo, Gadot is seen wearing a black latex silhouette dress, while Schwarzenegger donned a leather jacket and khaki trousers. While the Terminator actor also added a humorous touch by highlighting their shared accent experience in his caption, stating, “It was so fantastic hanging with you – and not being the only one at the @netflix event with an accent! @gal_gadot.”


The 75-year-old action star’s ageless appearance awed fans as well. Playful comments from fans further contribute to the joyful atmosphere surrounding this unexpected encounter between two beloved Hollywood stars.

Schwarzenegger’s age-defying appearance leaves fans in awe

One fan exclaimed, “Schwarzenegger looks younger than her,” marveling at the actor’s seemingly ageless appearance. Additionally, another enthusiast chimed in, stating, “Arnold is aging backwards.” Moreover, a witty fan humorously added, “Man, this guy ages like good wine.” In a similar fashion, comparisons between the former politician and the fictional character Benjamin Button, who ages in reverse, were also made by fans. For instance, one enthusiast jokingly remarked, “Schwarzenegger is Benjamin Button 2…”


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Interestingly enough, one enthusiast even pointed out the connection between the two actors’ previous roles in the DC Universe. Mr. Freeze, a well-known antagonist, was portrayed by Schwarzenegger in the Batman film “Batman & Robin.” Meanwhile, the Israeli actress gained immense popularity for her portrayal of the iconic superhero Wonder Woman. Consequently, this unexpected but friendly encounter between the two stars led a fan to humorously comment, “Wonder Woman and Mr. Freeze being friendly?!”

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