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Did You Know? Anne Hathaway Had To Kiss A Dozen Of Guys As A Part Of Screentest For ‘The Princess Diaries 2’ & Said, “I Love Kissing But…”

Anne Hathaway once revealed she had to kiss a dozen of actors as a part of ‘The Princess Diaries 2’ screentest

Anne Hathaway has often opened up about her bizarre experiences in the industry. The actress never shies away from speaking her heart out and narrating uncomfortable incidents before her fans. Talking about one such incident, the actress once revealed how she had to kiss a dozen of guys for The Princess Diaries 2.

Anne began acting while she was just a teenager and got her breakthrough right after she graduated from high school. Read on to learn how her audition for The Princess Diaries went.

The Princess Diaries film series changed Anne Hathaway’s life for good and she has admitted it several times. The actress once revealed that she was all set to jet off to New Zealand for an independent movie, The Other Side of Heaven, but decided to go for a few auditions while she had time to catch her flight. Anne got the lead part in the film series, which also starred Julie Andrews and Mandy Moore.

As the franchise moved forward for its second instalment, The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement, a search for Hathaway’s character Mia’s love interest began and the actress played a major role in the process. While would not have minded testing along with a few guys, the director had other plans and decided from a dozen of actors. In her 2004 interview with LA Times, Anne Hathaway opened up about her experience and said, “He decided to test a dozen.”

The actress added, “And I’m not that kind of girl! Don’t get me wrong, I love kissing, but the idea of having to kiss 12 different people that I’ve just met in one 10-hour period of time is a little much for me.” In the end, Chris Pine bagged the role and indeed nailed it opposite Anne Hathaway.

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