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Scarlett Johansson lauds ‘Asteroid City’ Colin Jost being helpful to baby Cosmo

Scarlett Johansson hails her ‘Asteroid City’ co-star for being ‘incredibly helpful’ with baby Cosmo

Famed actor Scarlett Johansson recently weighed in on the affection she feels towards her Asteroid City co-star Colin Jost.

The singer broke everything during her interview with PEOPLE in 10’s Makho Ndlovu.

She started everything off by pointing out how she ‘only recently’ joined the media industry once more because, “I hadn’t worked. Not just because I had a baby, but there was COVID.”

Plus “I hadn’t shot anything in like three years or something like that.”

For those unversed, Johnson welcomed her son Cosmo back in 2021, and has only recently started getting back into the world of acting.

In one of her most recent endeavors, she found Jost to be the best co-worker because, “he was able to come for like a week or something like that, which was also incredibly helpful, especially because you need someone to burp the baby in the middle of the night.”




At the end of the day, “it’s great when it’s your partner there to help you do it.”

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