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When Daniel Craig Called Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider As His Life’s ‘Worst Mistake’ & Said: “I Felt Like A Bit Of A Spare P*nis At A Wedding Throughout”

Daniel Craig in one of his earlier interviews took a dig at Tomb Raider saying he regretted signing it in the first place. Read for more.

Daniel Craig Once Took A Brutal Dig At Angelina Jolie Starrer Tomb Raider Slowed Calling It His Worst Mistake
Daniel Craig Once Took A Brutal Dig At Angelina Jolie Starrer Tomb Raider Slowed Calling It His Worst Mistake ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Tomb Raider is one of the most iconic films of Angelina Jolie’s career, which also starred Daniel Craig in a prominent role. The James Bond star gained new fame with his supporting role in the action-adventure flick but ironically, he did not like his role in the film. The actor, while slamming the movie in a later interview, claimed that the biggest issue with the film was its script. Scroll down to know more.

Daniel Craig shot to fame with his James Bond role in Casino Royale in the year 2006. He, in total, played the iconic character in five movies. He last appeared as the suave spy James Bond in 2021 with No Time To Die.

Circling back to Tomb Raider, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Daniel Craig while taking a dig at the 2001 movie, said, “On something like Tomb Raider, you’re beholden to the fact that you’re—they didn’t have a script. So that’s as simple as that. You can’t start a film without a script.” The actor continued, “Tomb Raider slowed things down for me. It was the worst mistake I’ve made. But it was also a good lesson.” Daniel added, “The script on that was all over the f****** place, waffling on about eight foot f****** green monkeys or some such b**locks and I could just never get my head around what was supposed to be going on.”

The 55-year-old actor further shared, “Angie had it worse, she was in every scene and had to take all the s**t afterwards.”

At the time, the Knives Out actor also claimed that he regretted agreeing to do the film at altogether. “But personally I should never have said yes. I felt like a bit of a spare p**** at a wedding throughout.” He jokingly concluded, “I probably looked like one too.”

Interestingly, Angelina Jolie had similar views about Tomb Raider as in an interview shared, “I wasn’t satisfied with it. Through the making of that film, we were all still trying figure out how things worked, and we were trying to make the video game into a person, but still it was the video game and still she was a video vixen and she wasn’t quite a solid woman with emotions and feelings.”

Angelina added, “Even the way she looked wasn’t to me sexy and real enough. So there were a lot of things, and we couldn’t adjust to everything right.”

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