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Gal Gadot Got Asked About Fast And Furious 11 And Had A Surprising Comment

Is it time to pump the brakes?

Warning: SPOILERS for Fast X are in play. If you haven’t seen the latest Toretto family drama just yet, you’ve been warned. 

Involvement in one of the best action movies is almost always an invitation to be asked whether or not you’ll be returning for a future installment. For Gal Gadot, questions about her potential role in Fast and Furious 11 have lived up to the name of the very franchise she was once part of. A recent interview saw the former Wonder Woman star fielding such inquiries yet again, and her comment was pretty surprising.

Considering what we know about Fast and Furious 11, there’s definitely time for Gadot’s Gisele Yashar to make a proper return in the next chapter, slated for release in 2025. With that caveat in mind, the Heart of Stone star provided EW an update on what she knows, and it doesn’t sound like those details are quite fleshed out yet:

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Well, I’m going to have to wait for the script just like everyone else. And I’m curious myself.

As Vin Diesel teased a potential Fast and Furious trilogy to end the series on a high note, that could be part of circumstances that have left Gal out in the cold. When last we left the lovely Gisele in the Fast X ending, she came to the aid of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Cipher (Charlize Theron) as they were escaping a secret Agency prison in Antarctica.

Yet another huge tease towards the future of the Fast Saga, Gal Gadot’s return was something that people had speculated was going to happen for some time. If it was outdone by anything, it was that Fast X mid-credits scene where Dwayne Johnson was brought back to the table as well.

In both cases, these twists are now in play, with audiences waiting for the eventual resolution. That leads to the second and more important condition holding thing up. With the ongoing WGA writer’s strike still in play, work on either of the hypothetical scripts for Fast and Furious 11 and its supposed sequel is more than likely paused in the early stages.

Even if there was a script in play for the immediate follow-up to Fast X, the new plan for a trilogy may have prevented a smooth transition into production and release for the tenth sequel to 2001’s The Fast and the Furious. Gal Gadot seems to have signaled as much in her statement of waiting for a script, but naturally, that viewpoint is purely speculative.

A lot of moving parts are still swirling in motion, as the Fast Saga approaches its conclusion. Gisele Yashar’s return definitely counts as one of those pieces that helps keep things turning, even if the current state of the character gives us no concrete expectations on what to expect. Perhaps the recent past may hold some clues or threads as to where this long lost figure factors into the end of the road.

Fast X is currently available on PVOD, with a physical home release currently undated. Fast and Furious 11, in the meantime, is awaiting a more specific release date, with 2025 set as the year intended for that project’s debut. Gal Gadot fans won’t have to wait forever to see her kicking ass again, as her next film Heart of Stone will be available to stream for those with a Netflix subscription, starting August 11.

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