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“It just didn’t work out”: After Refusing Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, Emily Blunt Turned Down Another Marvel Role That Went To Tom Cruise’s Ex-Girlfriend

The Marvel Universe is as amazing off-screen as it is on-screen, the reason being the plethora of amazingly talented, charismatic, and popular actors Marvel has collected over the years. With numerous projects lined up, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is only going to get bigger and so will the actor count.

Emily Blunt is one of the few actors who rejected Marvel
Emily Blunt is one of the few actors who rejected Marvel

While most actors now would gladly strike a deal with the devil to be cast as a Marvel character, there have been actors who declined this incredible opportunity not once but twice! The Edge of Tomorrow actress Emily Blunt is one such name who let go of being known as a Marvel star.

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Emily Blunt Rejected Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow Role

Blunt was the first choice to play Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow
Blunt was the first choice to play Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow

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Ask Marvel fans and they will readily agree that nobody else could have played the role of Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff better than Scarlett Johansson. Her subtle expressions and charismatic yet deadly action scenes have become synonymous with Black Widow and there is nobody else who could carry the character as well as she did.

However, Johansson was not the original choice for the role. Emily Blunt was the first choice to star as the superspy in Iron Man 2, where Romanoff first makes an appearance. However, due to scheduling conflicts and other unknown reasons, she ended up not taking the role. In an interview, she revealed the reason,

“I was contracted to do Gulliver’s Travels. I didn’t want to do Gulliver’s Travels. It was a bit of a heartbreaker for me. I take such pride in the decisions that I make, and they mean so much to me, the films that I do.”

And so Emily Blunt had to inevitably let go of a role she really wanted to play. Soon after letting go of the Black Widow role, she was again roped in for the role of another popular character, but she declined the role again.

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Emily Blunt Rejected Another Popular Marvel Role

Blunt also rejected the role of Peggy Carter
Blunt also rejected the role of Peggy Carter

Emily Blunt would no doubt have been a good choice for Marvel seeing the global stardom that Marvel so wanted to achieve. However, seems like starring as a Marvel character is just not in the books for the Sicario actress as she went on to reject the role of Peggy Carter as well.

While the role eventually went to Tom Cruise‘s alleged ex-girlfriend Hayley Atwell, Blunt declined the role again due to scheduling conflicts.

“it just didn’t work out scheduling-wise.”

While Blunt has already declined Marvel twice, seeing how big the MCU is there are chances she might get roped in for another Marvel role.

You can watch Iron Man 2 on Disney+.

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