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Sandra Oh hoping to reprise role in ‘Princess Diaries 3’

Sandra Oh says she wants to reprise her role as s Vice Principal Gupta in Princess Diaries 3.

Disney confirmed last November that a third Princess Diaries movie was in the works, Teen Vogue reports. The film is in development, however, Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway are not currently confirmed as part of the cast.

It has been 19 years since the release of the second Princess Diaries and 22 years since the first film’s release. Oh appeared in the first movie, playing the vice principal of Mia Thermopolis’ (the Princess of Genovia played by Hathaway) high school.

In an interview with EW for her an untiled upcoming movie, Oh pitched the idea of reprising her role as Gupta.

“I am ready for the Queen. Call me! I’m dying to see how Gupta has moved up in the world,” she said in the interview.

Oh has also been busy with several other projects. During a 2023 Oscars red carpet interview, she revealed that she had just finished filming HBO’s mini-series adaptation of The Sympathizer based on the novel by Viet Than Nguyen.

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