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Alia Bhatt joins ‘Heart of Stone’ co-stars Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan in new promo clip

In a video clip shared by Gal Gadot, the cast of “Heart of Stone” attempted to provide a brief overview of the film in just 15 seconds, without revealing any spoilers. Gal Gadot, Alia, Jamie, and Matthias exchanged words related to the movie, such as ‘explosions,’ ‘parachute ski jumping,’ ‘Gal Gadot,’ and ‘MI6.’

During the rapid-fire round, Alia Bhatt stumbled and giggled while trying to say ‘poisoned knife fight,’ leading to a lighthearted moment. Despite her fumbles, the cast continued sharing keywords until the timer was almost up. At that moment, Alia made playful noises instead of uttering a word, causing everyone, including Gal and Jamie, to burst into laughter.

Gal shared the video on her social media with a caption expressing that 15 seconds were not enough to capture everything about the film. Fans reacted positively to the clip, with one commenting on how well Gal fit into the role and another appreciating Alia’s genuine accent.

“Heart of Stone,” directed by Tom Harper, features Alia, Jamie, and Gal Gadot in leading roles. The film follows the story of Rachel Stone (Gal), a skilled spy secretly working for the Charter, a covert organization that employs advanced technology to counter global threats. Unbeknownst to her MI6 team, Rachel navigates the complexities of her dual life. When a mission is disrupted by hacker Keya Dhawan (Alia), Rachel’s worlds collide, and she must rely on her humanity to protect the Charter and overcome the odds.

The trailer for “Heart of Stone” premiered at Tudum 2023 in Brazil, generating anticipation among fans. The film is set to release on Netflix on August 11, offering audiences an action-packed spy thriller with a touch of mystery.

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