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When Keanu Reeves Recalled Being Told “F*ck You, You Suck!” & Getting Hit By Beer From The Audience During A Live Performance & Said: “We Shouldn’t Have…”

Keanu Reeves once shared that the audience booed and abused him, and threw beer bottles at his band for performing folk music

Keanu Reeves is the one person who can unite the whole world. There’s hardly a person who would disagree with the fact that the actor is an amazing human being, and it is next to impossible ever to hate him. But never say never! Even a universally loved person like Keanu was once the target of the audience’s slang and outburst. If you are finding it hard to believe, then scroll on to learn all about it.

Before becoming an A-list actor in Hollywood and getting global recognition in movies like Matrix and John Wick, Keanu was part of a band called Dogstar.

That’s right, our very own action hero was earlier a bass player in a band that used to play folk music. The story when he got abused by the audience dates back to the ‘90s. His band performed at the Metalfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, along with other bands. The live audience was excited to listen to some good hard rock and Satan rock music, genres that Keanu Reeves’s group was not an expert of.

While sharing the story with GQ, Keanu Reeves said, “We were in Milwaukee playing at the Metalfest. There were some incredible bands — it was a mixture of hard rock, and Satan rock, perhaps. But we’re a folk band. We should not have been there.”

So, when Dogstar started their performance, the listeners in the audience, for very obvious reasons, were not happy. The John Wick actor continued, “They threw beer at us and told us to f*ck off and [yelled], ‘You suck!’ It was beautiful. It made me laugh. I said to the guitarist, ‘Let’s do one of our Grateful Dead covers!’ It was a glorious moment. Them going: ‘F*ck you! You suck!’ Us going [sings in country twang], ‘Ah was born in the desert/doo-doo-doo…”

Keanu enjoying even the booing of the audience with a smile and grace is so typical Keanu! The Matrix actor once talked about Dogstar on a Jimmy Fallon show and said, “You know, we started in a garage, and then you end up starting to write songs, and then you’re like ‘Let’s go out and play them!’, and then you’re like ‘Let’s go on tour!’ And then…you’re playing.”

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