Scarlett Johansson

“Wes was sort of hiding his face”: Scarlett Johansson’s N-de Scene Rendered Veteran Director Speechless, Couldn’t Function Properly On Set

Hollywood’s veteran director Wes Anderson is among the handful of filmmakers who achieved greatness and fame, as he wasn’t afraid to influence people with his distinctive style. However, when it came to shooting Scarlett Johansson’s n*de scene in Asteroid City, Anderson lost his senses and went speechless and numb.

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

Well, it’s not entirely unlikely, since Scarlett Johansson has the power to do that to people. Making headlines with her sensual physique and brilliant acting skills, the actress recalled the incident that happened on set with Wes Anderson. Stating how he was more than a little tongue-tied, Johansson claimed the filmmaker felt “uncomfortable” while shooting the scene.

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Scarlett Johansson Discussed Her N*de Scene 

Scarlett Johansson is famously known for her incredibly fit physique and s*x appeal in the Hollywood industry. While her hourglass figure was highly thirsted upon following her appearance as Black Widow in MCU movies, the actress is known to make people awestruck with her godlike physicality.

Scarlett Johansson in Asteroid City

Being well aware of the entertainment industry’s demand to show her n*de in most movies, Scarlett Johansson willingly embraced the task of disrobing herself and even claimed to find it empowering. Thus, discussing her n*de scene in the recently released Wes Anderson movie Asteroid City, Johansson indicated how comfortable she was while filming.

Johansson claimed to be confident about her n*dity

Discussing her artistic collaboration in the 2023 movie that unfolds in two nested realities, Scarlett Johansson recalled her rare n*de scene. While the actress was completely fine with her nakedness on set, Johansson claimed, it wasn’t the same for the director. Diving further into the discussion, the actress stated how Wes Anderson failed to function properly during the n*de scene.

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Wes Anderson Felt Uncomfortable And Numb

While the legendary director Wes Anderson has delivered several acclaimed movies, his 2023 fantasy film Asteroid City was the most difficult project for him. To be precise, the difficulty actually originated from Scarlett Johansson’s n*de scene. Evidently, the veteran director was extremely uncomfortable while shooting the scene with Johansson.

Wes Anderson

Claiming how her brief nakedness in Anderson’s latest production made the director numb, Johansson mentioned,

Wes is probably the worst person to talk to about anything like that. He’s so uncomfortable around that topic.”

While the actress didn’t feel discomfort with her own n*dity, she mentioned there was a lot of throat-clearing on Anderson’s end.

Wes Anderson
Anderson was uncomfortable during Johansson’s n*de scene

Further, discussing how it was difficult to extract specific instructions from Wes Anderson during the explicit scene, Scarlett Johansson mentioned, “I’ll leave it up to your imagination [how that went].” She further stated, “There was a lot of throat clearing and [Wes] sort of hiding his face.” In the end, despite all awkwardness, Wes Anderson had to shoot the n*de scene since it was there to give a larger artistic effect to Asteroid City, and not for pleasing audiences.

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