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Yeap, Robert Downey Jr Once Actually Dropped F-Bombs on Tom Holland and Scarlett Johansson in Public

While Downey Jr. is famous for his snarky personality, he’s not typically the man to start insulting his colleagues out in the open… But this time, he did exactly that.

You don’t want to get on the bad side of Robert Downey Jr.: even if the real-life Iron Man doesn’t blast you into pieces, he will surely embarrass you verbally. Despite not doing anything wrong (at least that we know of), Tom Holland and Scarlett Johansson had to go through an entire recording of Robert’s insults aimed at them.

When he was supposed to congratulate his fellow Avengers actors in 2021, Downey Jr. thought it was too boring to do it the normal way and decided to spice things up a little.

“What better way is there to turn one’s congratulations into a show than publicly humiliating your colleagues in the genre of irritated stand-up roasting?”, he thought.

This is why, unlike other co-stars, the Iron Man actor recorded a video that, instead of the classic “You did a great job,” was dropping F-bombs at Holland and Johansson. The video message was played in front of an audience, just so you know, so there have been quite a few witnesses to this glorious act.

When it came to congratulating Tom Holland, Downey Jr. portrayed genuine irritation and stated that the Spider-Man actor’s “sole aim was to proliferate the industry like a f*cking lawn fungus.” This was the kindest part of the message, admittedly, as for Johansson, the Tony Stark actor went all-in.

After the first, rather sweet part where he was praising the actress for “overcoming so many obstacles to make space for yourself and others in a sea of overt and sub-intentional misogyny,” Robert pretended to read from the teleprompter.

“Take it from me, Robert Downey Jr., the shortest leading man since Don Adams in ‘Get Smart’ who rivals Guiliani for the least subtle use of Just For Men Touch Of Gray hair dye… [Pretends to read from a prompter] ‘How far did we get you to go? Robert, it’s Scarlett and Colin, we had two glasses of white wine on a weeknight and felt like clowning you. Don’t actually put this on a prompter.’ Cut. F-ck you, Scarlett,” the actor concluded.

During this one-man spectacle, the other guests and Scarlett herself couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably. Once again, Robert Downey Jr. decided on the most snarky and unconventional option that hardly anyone else would’ve had the courage to choose, but everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy his sarcastic remarks.

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