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Alia Bhatt As Keya Dhawan: Heart Of Stone’s New Poster Out

The official poster of Heart of Stone introduces Alia Bhatt's character, Keya Dhawan. Bhatt will share the screen with actors Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan in the film.

Alia Bhatt marks her Hollywood debut with Heart of Stone. Her role in the upcoming film has sparked immense excitement among her fans. The film’s makers have now delighted fans by unveiling her first look from the film.

Amidst promoting her upcoming romantic drama Rocky Aur Ranii Kii Prem Kahaani, Alia Bhatt announced her role as the antagonist in Heart Of Stone, marking her first-ever portrayal of a negative character. The official poster of the film introduces her character, Keya Dhawan, who holds an Indian essence. Bhatt will share the screen with renowned actors Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan in the movie.

Alia Bhatt As Keya Dhawan

In her much-awaited Hollywood debut with the Netflix film Heart of Stone, Alia Bhatt takes on the role of a villain for the first time in her career. The poster presents an exclusive glimpse of Bhatt’s character, Keya Dhawan, who embodies an enigmatic hacker with a firm grip on high-stakes espionage and control over all odds. In the action-packed, fans will witness her in action sequences.

More About Heart Of Stone

Rachel Stone (portrayed by Gal Gadot) is a novice techie working in a prestigious MI6 unit led by agent Parker (Jamie Dornan). Little do her MI6 colleagues know that she is a double agent, secretly affiliated with the Charter, a covert peacekeeping organisation employing advanced technology to combat global threats.

Trained to be an exceptional field agent, Rachel is focused solely on the mission, following protocols, and harbouring trust in no one. However, her worlds collide when enigmatic hacker Keya Dhawan (played by Alia Bhatt) disrupts a routine assignment. As she races to protect the Charter and defy all odds, Rachel’s humanity emerges as her most significant advantage.

Heart Of Stone Release Date

Gal Gadot, Alia Bhatt, director Tom Harper, and the rest of the Heart of Stone team recently made an exciting appearance at the Tudum Festival 2023 in Brazil. The event saw them announce the much-awaited release date of the upcoming Netflix project, creating a buzz among fans and audiences alike. This action-packed film will be available on Netflix in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu on August 11.

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