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Secret Invasion fans shocked by ‘unexpected’ Marvel cameo in episode 5

Secret Invasion fans have shared their surprise at the latest Marvel cameo in episode five.

The Disney+ spin-off series focuses on the Kree-Skrull war first hinted at in 2019’s Captain Marvel, and stars Samuel L Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn as friends Nick Fury and Talos.

*Spoilers for Secret Invasion episode five below – you have been warned!*

In the penultimate episode, which arrived on the streaming service on Wednesday (19 July), Fury attempted to flee the country and get to Finland, in order to meet Sonya Falsworth (Olivia Colman) and attempt to stop a global war.

Episode five features a number of references to Black Widow, as it is revealed that a member of the 2021 film’s cast has been working to help Fury.

Following the dramatic events of episode four, Fury takes a private jet to Finland when Rick Mason (The Handmaid’s Tale star O-T Fagbenle) appears at the cockpit.

The character, who is a smuggler and ally of Natasha Romanoff first seen in Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow film, tells Fury: ‘An Interpol Red Notice. Wow. They don’t just give those out to anyone. Kudos.”

“Yeah, well Mama always said I was special,” Fury says, with Rick replying: “Your Mama was right.”

Fury then gives Nick a piece of equipment. It is later revealed to be a Widow’s Veil, a piece of face-cloaking technology that allows Fury – now public enemy number one – to disguise himself and enter Finland without being noticed.

With Rick’s help, former SHIELD director Fury is able to flee the country and meet Sonya.

On social media, fans shared their excitement at Rick’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“The Cameo we didn’t need but we got. RICK MASON is back,” one fan wrote.

“​​Rick Mason appearing wasn’t something that I expected, but it’s nice that the MCU remembered he existed. Let’s get this man back inexplicably supplying people with stuff,” another joked.

“Out of all the cameos I expected from #SecretInvasion, Rick Mason never even crossed my mind but here we are lol,” one Twitter user said.

One tweet read: “I was genuinely surprised to see Rick Mason return in this episode; he even supplied Fury with the same face-cloaking technology that helped Natasha fight against the Red Room & Dreykov!”

Some fans questioned whether Rick’s arrival could be a sign of a Johansson appearance in next week’s finale.

“The cloaking mask, the rick mason cameo… oh mother’s definitely coming home soon,” one tweet read.

Secret Invasion concludes Wednesday 26 July on Disney+.

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