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Sharna Burgess adopts Megan Fox’s parenting style

Co-Parenting Goals! Sharna Burgess is supporting her boyfriend Brian Austin Green and his ex-wife Megan Fox for letting their sons have long hair.

The Australian ballroom dancer became a part of the ‘Transformers’ actress’ life after beginning her relationship with the Tennessee native’s ex-husband. The couple welcomed their first child last June, a son named Zane Walker.

The toddler is the Beverly Hills, 90210 star’s fifth son, having previously given birth to three boys with Fox and another child from another affair. A common trait among the children is their long locks, a style the choreographer adopted for her baby.

When trolls slammed the mother-of-one for allowing her son to sport an unusual hairdo for men, the Dancing With The Stars alum unhesitatingly clapped back.

Sharna Burgess is calling on ‘ignorant, narrow-minded’ fans to judge her son’s long hair

during a fiery one Instagram Story update: The 38-year-old dancer expressed her frustration at people giving unsolicited opinions about her blended family. Her haunting comment was in response to a fan’s question that her son, like her friend’s other children, wore long hair.

“Are you going to let Zane’s hair grow as long as his brothers?” the person asked during a question and answer session. The TV personality filmed herself lounging outdoors in a wicker swing, and noted she’d received similar questions since her son’s topknot debuted.

“I’m getting a lot of that at the moment too, especially since the topknot. I had some people in my DMs who were so passionately angry at me for doing this,” Burgess revealed. “I had someone get their hair tie pink this morning.”

When asked about her son’s hair by a fan, the Burn the Floor star replied that she didn’t mind making Zane look like Green and Fox’s kids. According to the Australian beauty, she didn’t understand why people differentiate between boys and girls based on certain colors or characteristics.

“I’m definitely growing this beautiful baby hair. “Um yeah I don’t get it like pink is for girls and putting a pink hair tie on him symbolizes everything,” the choreographer continued. “I don’t understand how long hair is feminine for girls.”

Burgess pointed out how masculine men with long hair were blossoming, citing Aquaman star Jason Momoa. According to the mother of one woman, most men and women found the Hollywood heartthrob attractive despite his shoulder-length locks.

The media personality vowed to do a feature on sexy male entertainers with long hair, adding, “I like the covers of friggin’ romance novels too.” They all have long, flowing hair. To me, it’s just crazy that we force kids to have a certain agenda when it comes to them.”

Sharna Burgess showers Brian Austin Green with a sweet tribute for his birthday

“It’s so damn stupid,” the 38-year-old concluded in her callback. Burgess’ tirade didn’t end there, however, as she criticized trolls in the video’s overlay text, writing:

“I’m sorry I reached out to the person who asked, so I’m not mad [at] You’re just annoyed by ignorant, narrow-minded people and their stupid comments.”

Megan Fox used to be shamed by her mother for letting her boys have long hair

With her passionate response to haters over her son’s long hair, Burgess was supportive of her boyfriend and Fox. Years before the ‘Knots Landing’ actor gave birth to a son, the father-of-five and his ex-wife were attacked over their children’s looks.

The Tennessee beauty received and was the worst backlash mom-ashamed for allowing her sons to dress in ways unacceptable for little boys. One such incident occurred when two of their children, Noah and Bodhi, were photographed on the beach with long, flowing hair.

“If you want a girl so badly, why don’t you try to adopt her or have more children? “Let your boys be boys,” one fan slammed Fox, writing in another, “Poor darlings they look like they’re wearing wigs!”

Despite the backlash, the “Jennifer’s Body” star and her ex-husband have both said they don’t force gender roles on their sons. The mother-of-three also emphasized in an interview that “you can be anything you want in my house.”

Megan Fox at the Daily Front Row's Fashion Los Angeles Awards

As for mom-shamer, the Scream Award winner had the perfect answer for her in 2018. During a conversation with sources, the entertainer quipped, “I let my kids wear whatever they want!” They’ll tell me what they are. It’s not my job to teach them that.”

“Honestly, I thought it was illegal to shame a child or a mother for what a child wears…in 2018,” Fox lamented, noting she couldn’t believe her children’s hair and clothing would be a cause for debate.

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