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Margot Robbie Revealed The A-List Star That Inspired Her And Greta Gerwig During The Filming Of Barbie

Margot Robbie said this actress had "Barbie energy."

The Barbie film has become a marketing phenomenon. Moviegoers around the world have been packing theaters with excitement ready to see what all the fuss is about.

The film stars Margot Robbie, who co-produced the project, as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. Over the years, actresses like Amy Schumer were attached to the project before the film landed on the version we have now.

There was also another actress both Robbie and director Greta Gerwig were considering for the titular role. However, she was unavailable due to commitments to another film. Still, both Robbie and Gerwig were inspired by this actress during the making of Barbie.

Greta Gerwig Said The ‘Barbie’ Movie ‘Really Started’ With Margot Robbie

When speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Robbie and Gerwig opened up about the film’s evolution.

“I am just so excited,” Robbie said. “We’re at the point of sharing it with the world. There’s always that thing when you make a movie and you love it and you care about it so much and you hope that people are gonna like it and even see it. Like even if they don’t like it, I just hope they see it and get to form an opinion. But I feel like so many people are gonna see this movie that it’s really exciting.”


“It really is Greta’s vision,” she continued. “I mean, the vision for Barbie obviously started 64 years ago, but Greta bringing it into the world today in the way that only Greta Gerwig can is what makes this movie worth making right now.”

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Gerwig said that it was actually Robbie who set the wheels for the project in motion.

“It really started with Margot. Margot invited me into the party,” Gerwig began. “Actually, right before we started shooting, we were in a golf cart driving around the studio. They made me a pink glittery golf cart, which was just the best thing ever. And I was driving her from a fitting to a dance rehearsal, and I had to thank her. Because I get so possessive of the movie because I’m the director, like, this is my film. But I said, ‘You really invited me to this party’ — I wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t thought of me.”

Greta Gerwig Said She Was Very Protective Of The Film When She Started Working On It

Gerwig originally signed on as the film’s writer. However, she said that she became very protective of the material once she began working on it.

“Once we had the script and I loved it, I couldn’t bear to [let it go]. I had to direct it,” she said.

Gerwig went on to discuss her view of Barbie as a “complex icon.”

“She’s got a long history. She’s gone through a lot of changes,” Gerwig reflected. “It’s so joyful and so fun…. there’s almost a delicious challenge to it. And I think that that must be part of it. But we just tried to always stay true to, like, is it interesting, funny, heartfelt, exciting, beautiful to us? And if it is, then we’ve just got to believe that that’s going to be true for other people.”


“[There were times when] I was like, ‘Oh no, oh no, I don’t know what we’re making,'” she added. “But also it was a great feeling where half of you thinks like, this is amazing and my favorite thing I’ve ever done, and the other half of you thinks this might just be way too strange for everyone.”

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Gerwig also praised Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken in the film, as well as the many other actors who comprise the cast.

“They’re two of the greatest actors, I would say,” she said of Robbie and Gosling. “I mean, the cast is just chock full of them. But I think that they have this ability to be outrageously funny from a place of truth. They’re never making fun of it. They’re never standing outside of it. They’re always fully committed and not judging anything. And I think, in a way, the more seriously they took it, the funnier it got.”

Gal Gadot Was Originally Considered For The Role Of Barbie

Big names like Amy Schumer and Diablo Cody were associated with the Barbie movie before we landed on the final product. Another big name formerly associated with the film was Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot.

Reports suggested that Gadot was originally considered by producers, including Robbie herself, for the title role. This is something Robbie discussed when praising Gadot to Entertainment Tonight.

“We always knew that she was unavailable because she was doing Snow White at the same time that we were doing Barbie,” Robbie explained. “But she was our barometer for Barbie energy.”

Robbie went on to say that her and Gerwig would think of Gadot “whenever we’d be like, ‘What’s a Barbie like?'”

“Both Greta and I have had experiences where we’ve met Gal at events and she, like, within two minutes makes you feel like you’re her best friend and you feel so loved and valued,” Robbie added. “And also, like, she’s so pretty. And so we were always like, ‘I think Gal is Barbie energy.’ You know, someone that you meet for two seconds and you’re like, ‘You’re so nice and I love you.'”

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Gadot returned the love back to Robbie when being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight.

“Margo, I love you!” Gadot said. “I’ll do anything with you, I’ll be [in] anything with you!”

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