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Megan Fox slams ‘psychopaths’ accusing her of lacking generosity

Megan Fox has taken aim at fans who accused her of “lacking generosity” for asking for their contribution to an online fundraiser.

The 37-year-old star received backlash from her followers this week after asking them to donate to a $30,000 fundraiser for her beautician’s father, Brittney Boyce, who has cancer. cancer.

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“If I had as much money as her, I’d cover 100% of a friend’s parents’ medical bills before asking strangers,” one fan wrote on a Reddit forum.

The actress of transformers addressed the subject in an Instagram Story on Thursday.

“Hey weirdos,” she began. Do any of you have the emotional intelligence to consider that Brit may not want her celebrity clients to give her large sums of money because it creates a dynamic in her working relationships that makes her uncomfortable?”

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The star then explained that Brittney Boyce simply asked her to share the GoFundMe page, which now has a goal of $60,000.

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“I forced her to ask me personally for everything she needs, she asks and I do it in private, continued the American actress. You’re not going to accuse me of being miserly or lacking in generosity. So try again another day (probably tomorrow!) with some other bullshit, psychopaths.”

The actress of ninja turtles and her fiancé, musician Machine Gun Kelly, are longtime clients of the founder of Nail of LA.

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