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Millionaire Megan Fox Blasted for Pressing Fans to Gift to $60K Gofundme.

Actress Megan Fox who is best known for her role in Transformers and her relationship with singer Machine Gun Kelly is taking some heat from fans after asking them to donate to her long-time nail tech's GoFundMe page.

Here’s The Breakdown

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So Megan Fox has a long-term nail tech who decorates and creates her nail art for events like awards shows and red-carpet appearances. Recently Fox posted a plea to her Instagram story asking fans to help her nail tech with medical bills incurred after her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Brittany Boyce is Fox’s nail tech, and her all-star client list has included the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kerry Washington, Olivia Rodrigo, and even Megan Fox’s fiancé created the GoFundMe when her father was first diagnosed with the disease.

Backlash Brigade

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After posting the now-deleted screenshot of the GoFundMe campaign to her Instagram story, the original $30K goal was doubled to $60K, which isn’t a problem with most of Fox’s fans or those who’ve donated. The issue lies in the fact that, as of this writing, Fox herself has not publicly donated to the campaign. And if she donated anonymously, the largest amount recorded is $100.

Now Fox, who has a current net worth of $8 million, could easily clear the total her nail tech needs, and while she’s certainly not obligated, fans are angry that she’d ask average people to donate to a cause that she herself hasn’t seen the need to.


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As an actress with a household name, Megan Fox has a platform that can significantly boost the amount of help Brittney Boyce receives to cover the initial costs of her father’s cancer treatment. H

owever, that alone doesn’t sit well with fans of the Hollywood starlet. And in the age of the internet, they took to social media to let her know it.

How Much?

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One commenter was interested in how much the actress herself donated. “Would like to know how much she donated first.”

Not Your Business

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Another contributor reminded everyone that it’s no one’s business. “Why is it anyone’s business? She shared it. I’m sure she is helping privately, but it’s irrelevant. No one should be expected to give.”

Not a Toy

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One person thought the severity of the situation deserved more action. “I could see simply using your platform to spread this for a stranger, but for someone you actually know… if I had her money, I would have just paid for it. It’s just money, this is more important. It’s necessary medical expenses, not a new toy.”


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Another individual thought the amount was an easy step for someone with Megan’s worth. “30k is peanuts for Megan.”

If Trump Can

Donald Trump
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One interested party figures what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. “If my boy Trump can ask a bunch of his uneducated followers for donations, why can’t Megan?”

Really Sad

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One participant thinks America is really sad. “The unfortunate thing here is that Americans have to create a go fund me page so they can get life-saving medical help. The outrage should be directed at your government for allowing people to suffer and struggle like this. Absolute madness.”

The Rich Get Rich

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Someone thinks there’s a scheme for how the rich keep their money. How do you think the rich stay rich? They get their minions to pay up for them.”


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A respondent to the story thinks the GoFundMe page is telling. “If she really did offer to help, then she wouldn’t have needed to set up a GoFundMe, surely?!”

Big Difference

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One reader thinks there’s a big difference between time and money. “I think there’s a really important and subtle difference between a celeb offering their name, time, whatever to raise money (i.e., auctioning off a lunch with them. Auctioning off a Zoom call, etc.). And just straight up being like, “Hey, can you give this person money?”

Try Again

Megan Fox Till Death
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A screenshot was taken by an observant user after Fox reacted to all the negativity about her request to help her friend. The post garnered quite a conversation.

Here’s what Fox had to say:  “Hey, Weirdos, Do any of you have the emotional intelligence to consider that maybe Brit doesn’t want her celebrity clients donating large sums of money to her because it creates a dynamic in her working relationships that makes her uncomfortable? One thing you’re not going to accuse me of is being miserly…so try again on another day, you bunch of psychos.”

One Thing

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No matter if you side with Megan or her fans, there’s one truth in all of this, and that’s the fact that it’s no one’s business if or how much Megan chose to donate or not donate. We shouldn’t, as people, feel pressured to do anything that’s not in our hearts to do, and no one has the right to judge anyone else about their actions.

That being said, we certainly hope that Michael Boyce is able to continue his fight against the tough odds of pancreatic cancer.

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