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Emily In Paris season 4 Netflix release date; Lily Collins starrer hit by Hollywood strikes, here is the tentative date

Emily In Paris season 4 release date: The much anticipated fourth season of Emily in Paris will take a bit longer than expected to entertain its OTT audience. In January 2022, Netflxi renewed the web series for two more seasons. And even though the series  didn’t perform quite well in the eyes of critics, it managed to draw audiences with its high end fashion and dramatic plotline, making it one of the much awaited Netflix releases. Unfortunately, due to constant delays, the series might make you wait a little longer. Here is why and how.

Emily In Paris season 4

The fourth season of Darren Star’s “Emily in Paris” has been announced. Nevertheless, there are reports indicating that the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have caused delays in the production. The original goal was to start shooting in the summer of 2023, however that date was moved to October. A report in Variety reported that there are chances for more delays as well. The fact that Cité du Cinema, the studio where “Emily in Paris” season 4 will be  shot, is scheduled for the Olympics from December 2023 to October 2024 makes it even worse.

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Emily In Paris season 4 release date

The fact that Netflix itself has not provided any insight about the potential release date for Emily In Paris season 4, clearly states its production status. In such a case one can expect the web series to drop by the end of 2024 or start of 2025.

Will Emily In Paris season 4 be shot in Rome

Netflix announced during TUDUM 2023 that Emily and the cast of Emily in Paris season 4 will take their set up to Rome. However, this is still unclear how much part of the series will be shot in Paris and how much in Rome.

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