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Angelina Jolie’s milk manicure is an absolute luxury accessory

Manicure milky nails on short and neat nails Angelina Jolie They only confirm a trend already anticipated by Jennifer Lopez or Rihanna. Of course, in its own way it is extremely functional and elegant, one hundred percent angelic.


Angelina Jolie is betting on a manicure “milky nails”.

And it’s that if anyone represents the silent luxury trend, it’s Angelina Jolie. Wearing Ferragamo Gancini sandals, Loro Piana bags, Brunello Cucinelli dresses or tight capri pants that she repeats every summer, the actress is the epitome of a timeless, classic and minimalist style that always looks good. Therefore, we are not surprised that he added a new element to this equation: manicure milk It’s the new favorite luxury accessory.

Jolie’s recycled wardrobe or 9 pieces of clothing that Angelina repeats non-stop

Angelina Jolie spent a few days in sunny Rome.. Don’t go with the flow tomato girlstayed true to his usual style: blazer sheer cream jersey (a vintage Chanel piece she wore to her son’s arm at the White House reception in April), a flowing white dress, gold jewelry and a discreet black bag (one of her favorites, from Saint Laurent). When he left the hotel, he held it to his chest, so it was inevitable that he would also be noticed. manicure.

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Angelina Jolie – real “quiet luxury” in Rome

short nails and lactic Angelina Jolie

White enamel is the perfect finish for looks elegant and summer Discreet not only in color but also in shape, manicure milk Angelina Jolie bet on short and rounded nails to emphasize naturalness. Thus, they are postulated as an essential accessory of “silent luxury” outfits.

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Fragment of “milk nails” Angelina Jolie

But whether you want to join the movement for more discreet, more subtle richness, or just want a natural manicure that will highlight your nails, any manicure lactic this is a good option. After all, it’s like a highlighter for makeup or lip gloss: like bare nails, only better.

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