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For Matt Damon, kissing Scarlett Johansson was terrible, almost hell. Let’s find out why

Matt Damon said kissing Scarlett Johansson in the movies was terrible and explained why such a strong statement. Emily Blunt was with him and it reminded us of another kiss and gaffe with John Krasinski.

In the summer, between a crossword puzzle and a silly quiz, it’s nice to read light-hearted and slightly witty movie news. Cinemablend knows it well, telling us about the terrible kiss between Matt Damon AND Scarlett Johansson. Here’s how he defined it Damonwho interviewed with Emily Blunt For Oppenheimer, he began to tell how he prepares for a kiss on the set. Laughing, both said that before the scene where the kiss takes place, they brush their teeth well so that it is pleasant to breathe. The actor then wanted to share his experience with Johansson. The film was My life is a zoo And that was 2015…

The Terrible Kiss of Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson

Main characters My life is a zoo so they were Matt Damon AND Scarlett Johansson. At some point, their characters had to kiss: nothing particularly hot, mind you, since the film was for the whole family, but still it was an intimate gesture. But let’s leave a word Damon and to his misfortune:

I should have kissed Scarlett Johansson. You have no idea how terrible it was for me. But we kissed and it was hell. It just so happened that before dinner we had a scene: two short takes, ending with a kiss, it was very cool. After that we went to dinner and we both thought that was it. Scarlett ate an onion sandwich, then returned to the set, and the film’s director Cameron Crowe turned his camera to get a closer look at the kiss. Scarlett then said, “Damn. I just ate an onion sandwich, I thought we were done.”

If you think that Matt Damon is treacherous, you will have to change your mind, because shortly after the actor explained that he was joking and that breathing Scarlett Johansson smelled like a rose. Now if you remember well too Matt Damon And Emily Blunt they kissed for fiction. The film was Guardians of Doom and that day he was also on the set John Krasinski, husband of the actress. At the time, the two actors did not know each other, but Johnlike a Bostonian, had a myth about Matt Damonwhom he began to admire, looking Will Hunting – Genius Rebel. When Krasinsky arrived, the film crew was at work and therefore ours followed the scene that he shot from the monitor, and on the monitor he saw Damon who passionately kissed Emily Blunt. Then Damon left the set, went to John Krasinski and told him, “Hi, I just finished kissing your wife with my tongue,” only to regret the indiscreet approach and ask for forgiveness from his colleague.

oversight Damon With Krasinsky, fortunately, did not prevent them from becoming friends, and now they are even neighbors. AND Matt AND scarlett? Have they ever worked together? No, but not by choice. Both have been very busy in recent years.

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