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The Unknown Side of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Son Pax

Away from the media attention generated by his parents, Pax Jolie Pitt, who will turn 20 on November 29, is forging his own path and at some point he will step into the world of entertainment, although it may not be in the same way Is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

The young man has been part of the “Maleficent” protagonist’s family since he was three when his mother was in a relationship with actor Brad Pitt. Pax was followed in 2007 by Maddox and Zahra.

The most recent occasion in which Angelina Jolie and Pax were seen in public together was in June, strolling the streets of New York, where she drew attention to how much she has grown up to resemble her brothers.

On that occasion, Pax wore a more adult appearance with a casual look consisting of oversized tan pants, a white T-shirt, brown Nike shoes, and a black hat.

Pax Jolie Pitt’s Business Interests

The young man is slated to graduate from the school in 2021, the date on which his interest is still unknown, though it has emerged that he has an interest in the arts. It has also been mentioned that he creates pieces using mixed digital techniques.

According to information handled by the press, the young Vietnamese works secretly under the pseudonym “Ambatto” and has also prepared material for an exhibition at a gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel.

According to Page Six, the son of Hollywood stars is taking his first steps in the art world, but is distancing himself from his parents’ surnames and not just becoming another name on the list of Nepo babies who make it big in show business. It has become quite a topic.

“The passing tales of the city are blown up to comical proportions, and what is overlooked becomes a lens through which to see how little history and place really change. EMBTTO creates an exaggerated narrative that, while familiar, portrays a new representation of modern society,” the description said.

Angelina Jolie teaches her son Pax to exercise, he is caught showing off his toned body

The young man is already 19 years old and gradually begins to become more independent.

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