Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway teaches you how to wear a white suit to look elegant

Due to its special sophistication, Ann Hataway invites us to discover a fun collection with an unmistakable stamp Bulgari. In addition, boldness is shown in a bold combination of bright colors, iconic designs and memorable details. Except, Ann inspired us to use business suit through elegant and powerful.

Accessory line for autumn-winter 2023, known as KALEIDOSCOPYexceptionally captures reflections arising from the interaction of color and light.

How to wear a tailored suit in style at 40

Try to wear business suit flawless in one tone elegant and balanced ones such as white or grey. Pair it with a tee in the same color for a modern and fresh look.

To complete looksselect accessories from new bulgari collectionsuch as glasses, a necklace, or even a cute bag that makes Matches. Don’t forget to do something discreet in your hair and makeup to bring out your natural beauty. With this outfit, you will convey confidence and elegance in an office inspired by style flawless out talented Anne Hathaway.

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