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‘Heart Of Stone’ Is Another Netflix Blockbuster Miss, Its Second With Gal Gadot

Netflix has been trying to make big-budget action movies happen for a while now, but they keep coming up with ones that are…not very good. But while sometimes critics hate them and fans love them, Gal Gadot’s new starring vehicle, Heart of Stone, hasn’t really pleased anyone.

Heart of Stone, which stars Gadot and Fifty Shades of Gray star Jamie Dornan, was supposed to be a Mission Impossible-type launch of a new franchise. It is Netflix’s #1 movie right now, but it has a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes with a hefty 105 critic reviews, and its audience score has also dipped to a rotten 58%

This marks the second time Gadot has starred in a critically lambasted, big-budget blockbuster, the first being Red Notice which had a 37%, which also starred The Rock and Ryan Reynolds. Gadot’s career has been very odd lately, her character being resurrected in the Fast and Furious series, somehow, and recent drama where she says Wonder Woman 3 is happening, but industry sources say that’s not true. Also Margot Robbie says she was almost cast as Barbie?

This keeps happening with Netflix blockbusters. The Gray Man, starring a powerhouse trio of Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana De Armas, has a 45% (though another 90% audience score). Netflix does not really care about critical acclaim, however, just viewing minutes. As such, Red Notice was promised a sequel, and they said that The Gray Man was the launch of “The Gray Man Universe.”

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