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“That would be crazy,” Keanu Reeves comments on the crossover between John Wick and this action movie

Franchise’John Wick‘ has become one of the most popular action movie sagas of the last decade. John Wick 4 starring Keanu Reeves is the most successful work in the universe created by Chad Stahelski.

As one of the most popular and beloved action movie actors. Keanu’s roles in sagas like The Matrix, John Wick or Cyberpunk 2077 made him become a pop culture icon. With all this, some fans wondered if we would see the actor as John Wick in another popular action movie saga, The Equalizer or Justice as we know him in our country.

John Wick with Robert McCall in The Equalizer

As we can see, the John Wick universe is still evolving, the anticipation and love for the saga has some followers speculating about the possibility crossovers. During a Reddit Q&A with Reeves about the release of John Wick 4, a member asked if he could see some day crossover ‘John Wick X Equalizerquestion Keanu answered:

“…Ha… No… That would be crazy. Very crazy!”

While it’s highly unlikely we’ll see a movie that merges the John Wick universe with another, the saga won’t go without expansion. soon we will have two spin-off and film which will further explore knowledge franchises.

Universe for a while

Starring Donnie Yen, Hiroyuki Sanada, Shamir Anderson and Bill Skarsgård. “John Wick 4” passed the milestone of 340 million dollars, the brand that had the previous film John Wick 3: Parabellum. On the other hand, the results are much more valuable when you take into account the difficulty of achieving the final product. It is the most expensive movie in the franchise ($90 million) and also the longest (2 hours and 50 minutes).

In John Wick 4, we could see the return of Keanu Reeves as the famous main character of the saga. As the price on his head gets higher and higher, legendary hitman John Wick leads the fight against “high table“, from New York to Paris, Japan and Berlin.

After the events that we saw up to the fourth part, many of us wondered if this would be the end of the John Wick saga. Well, it’s not. Franchise won’t stop, We are currently aware of three projects in development: spin-off “Ballerina” and “Continental” and, how else, the fifth part of the saga “John Wick 5”.

In Ballerina we see Rooney (Ana de Armas), a prima ballerina. seeking revenge on those who killed his family. We know about the Continental that the plot will tell us about the history of the Continental hotels around the world, will take place In the 70s and we can see Winston (Colin Woodwell) along with Cormac (Mel Gibson) in a fight for control of the hotel.

The John Wick franchise does not stop there and continues to surprise its fans with new shipments. lionsgate saga exploration, it turned out that the fifth film is already on the waywhich was filmed simultaneously with the fourth.

Without giving any more plot clues, Keanu Reeves is expected to bring the legendary assassin back to life in a movie full of action, violence and gore, the elements that made this story famous.

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