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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly in the heart of a violent altercation, their visit to the carnival degenerates

A video that quickly went around the web… Friday, July 21, 2023, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly enjoyed a romantic evening. Thus, they went to the carnival in Orange County, California. If the evening started well, it quickly degenerated… On a video shared by TMZ, the singer can be seen attacking a man by slapping him. Quickly, his bodyguard intervened to separate them, and accidentally threw the actress against a barrier. A little later, the victim’s brother assured that he had told Megan Fox that she was “extremely beautiful”which would have angered the singer. “Machine Gun Kelly shouldn’t have acted like that for a compliment, he blurted out. Thus, on social networks, many Internet users wondered if Megan Fox was going to support this behavior for a long time. If Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly had guaranteed to be twin flames, everything would not be rosy between the lovebirds. In February, a source said they had started couples therapy. Indeed, the singer would have cheated on his fiancée. In May 2023, a source told People: “They’re slowly working on a reconciliation, but Machine Gun Kelly is still totally out of control. He’s doing everything he can to get her back, and she’s making him work for it. It’s still an unhealthy dynamic, and their ( …)

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