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All the love of Gigi Hadid and her new boyfriend

Model, Entrepreneur, Web Star: Gigi Hadid at the moment she is one of the most prominent specialists in this industry. So loved by fans that she has Instagram profile with nearly 80 million followers, everything Gigi touches turns to gold. Not to mention the huge curiosity which he reveals in his most ardent followers!

Although Gigi keeps a low profile most of the time, we kept an eye on all of her love story with great enthusiasm. Let’s follow the chronology of events loves Gigi Hadid until he knows who he is engaged today.

Dating and love Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is a young woman who has had several flirting and relationships. Some of them were only fleeting events, others were clearly more important. Among the very first stories, we remember the story of the guy. Cody Simpsondated around 2013. They dated for two years, and then ended the relationship in a good way (so much so that they still speak well of each other even in public).

After this breakup, Gigi made us dream by choosing her as her boyfriend. Joe Jonas: Unfortunately, their story lasted only five months! The one with Tyler Cameron instead, it was a short but intense relationship. They saw each other for several months, and he even accompanied Gigi to her grandmother’s funeral before leaving her life.

Between supposed acquaintances Gigi then stands out with names like the name Lewis Hamilton: it seems that the model and the pilot saw each other after Gigi and Cody broke up, but no one confirmed the rumors about this. Apparently he was also flirting with Calvin Harrisduring the “How Deep Is Your Love” video, but this was never confirmed, also because at the time he was in an ongoing relationship with Taylor Swift. It is also assumed that there was some tenderness between Gigi and the model. Jason Dundasbut again, we don’t have definite news.

boyfriend Gigi Hadid

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Gigi Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik

Of all the love stories of Gigi Hadid, the one with the singer Zane Malik it was probably the longest and most serious. Also because a child was born from this relationship. haieldest daughter Gigi, in 2020. Between different Gigi and Zayn dated from 2015 to 2021. they broke up the same year they realized they weren’t made for each other.

According to rumors, disagreements between Gigi’s mother and Zane’s boyfriend Yolanda also influenced. In any case, today their romance seems like water under a bridge, so much so that both turned the pagerumor has it that Zayn actually seems to have flirting with selena gomez. Gigi also spoke out on the subject, stating that she have no problems about this: all that matters to her is that her ex is happy and that she can find a partner who can become a positive figure in the life of her daughter Kai (a role that Selena would have coped with without the slightest effort).

boyfriend Gigi Hadid

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Does Gigi Hadid have a boyfriend today?

It seems that among the latest conquests of the charming model and young mother Gigi Hadid, the name stands out Leonardo DiCaprio. As expected, she is younger than Leo di Ben. 20 years, but the age difference does not seem to be an obstacle for them. Indeed, apparently, Gigi and Leonardo meet “in passing”. Apparently, a source close to the couple told People magazine that there was no connection. there is nothing serious between them. “Gigi meets Leo when commitments allow, but without seriousness and free of charge for the future,” the article says.

Also in the same interview, the source continues, “Gigi is excited to get Leonardo DiCaprio’s attention and date him. They have many mutual friends and hang out with the same group of people but Gigi declares herself single and she is very happy with her life, having a great season with her daughter Hai.”

Gigi and Leonardo they were seen several times between luxury hotel and dream vacationbut they seem to be busy open relationship and not so serious and traditional. Gigi seems much bigger focused on motherhood: It is Khai, a little girl born from a relationship with Zayn, who is now two years old, who she devotes all her attention and time to. As for the Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, he was reportedly seen in the company of Megan RocheA 22 year old model who is also Gigi’s friend.

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