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All the Wonder Woman actresses, ranked from worst to best

Playing the powerful Diana Prince beyond the DC comics is not a job that any actress is prepared for. Let’s see how those who took the step to defend Themyscira fared.

Along with characters like Supergirl, Wonder Woman is one of the greatest female references in the superhero squad. comics from DC.

The heroics of Diana Prince in the vignettes they have been fascinating us since 1941, when William Moulton Marston y H. G. Peter They introduced the character in the number 8 All Star Comics.

Several actresses have carried the whip of truth in live action in the multiple adaptations that Wonder Woman has had in film and television. But how has it been given to them?

Today, at Hobby Consolas, we review all the actresses who have played Wonder Woman and we rank them from worst to best. Keep in mind that we are not going to include appearances in animation and video games, so we will limit ourselves to reviewing physical appearances on screen.

Ellie Wood Walker y Linda Harrison

Wonder Woman (1967)

The sixties were kind of crazy for superheroes. While the characters found a roadmap to follow in the comics, their adaptations were… peculiar.

If you’re thinking about Adam West’s Batman, we’re talking even crazier stuff, like the short Wonder Woman: Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince? from 1967 that had to be thrown into the fire.

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This short was a pilot for a television series in the image and likeness of Batman that, thank the gods, did not go ahead.

Ellie Wood Walker y Linda Harrison They played Diana Prince in this kind of sitcom that is incomprehensible even knowing that it comes from the sixties.

Adrianne Palicki

Wonder Woman Pilot (2011) - Diana Prince (Adrianne Palicki)

From a failed pilot, we go to… a failed pilot. Adrianne Palicki She almost became Wonder Woman in the early 2010s in a series for NBC.

A new adaptation of Wonder Woman had been in the works for a long time and, with Smallville finished – where Adrianne Palicki played a false Supergirl – and Nolan’s Batman triumphing, things were looking good.

But the pilot ended up getting stuck and, beyond the criticism of Adrianne Palicki’s outfit, her version failed to go any further, although it already looked better than the sixties short. Gal Gadot He would arrive shortly after to put things in order.

Cathy Lee Crosby

Wonder Woman (1974) - Diana Prince (Cathy Lee Crosby)

Ironically, third place on our list goes to another failed pilot that, this time, would become a television movie.

The 1974 Wonder Woman film, with Cathy Lee Crosby like Diana Prince, she is one of many victims of licensing and reimagining.

They decided to adapt the character to the times and turned Wonder Woman into a kind of 007-style superspy.

The absence of superpowers, iconic villains of the comics or that horrible suit they put on him made the movie fail, and made our next entry on the list even more celebrated.

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

I would be Lynda Carter who would put things right in 1975 with Wonder Womanthe series that finally came together with Wonder Woman at the center of the show.

For many, and rightly so, Lynda Carter is and will always be the best Wonder Woman that television has ever produced. In fact, although we placed her in second position, you can consider a technical tie between Carter and the actress who remains to be classified.

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot en Wonder Woman 1984

Warner Bros.

And, if Lynda Carter is the best classic Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot is the best when it comes to her modern version.

The Israeli actress debuted in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and she had her solo outing in Wonder Woman, the movie Patty Jenkins 2017. Gadot more than met the expectations of her and her interpretation of the DC comics character.

Despite the lurches of the old DC Extended Universe and from the lukewarm result of Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot’s performance continues to be praised by DC Comics fans.

Wonder Woman’s relevance in DC’s convoluted superhero universe makes the character a piece to take into account in future efforts to bring DC comics stories to the big and small screen. Will we have new actresses playing Diana Prince?

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