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Danny Cipriani takes blame for Lindsay Lohan getting punched by love rival

Danny Cipriani has opened up about his brief fling with Lindsay Lohan - taking the blame for the actress getting punched by a waitress in a nightclub who was also interested in dating the former rugby

The sports star has lifted the lid on his brief romance with the ‘Mean Girls’ actress in the summer of 2010 – revealing she invited him to a nightclub in Los Angeles with a group of pals but it ended in disaster when Lindsay got into an altercation with a Megan Fox lookalike who was also said to have been interested in dating Danny.

In an extract from his book ‘Who Am I?’, Danny explained the trip came shortly after his split from on/off partner Kelly Brook. He wrote: “The night after Kelly calls to say she’s breaking up with me, I meet a girl who’s a dead ringer for Megan Fox, except better-looking. Within minutes, I’m professing my undying love. She works as a bottle girl in a nightclub.

“There are NFL and NBA players throwing wads of cash at her, but when she clocks off for the night, it’s me who goes back to her place.”

Days later, Danny meets Lindsay at a house party and she invites him along for her birthday night out. He went on: “It’s her birthday the next day, so she invites me to hers …

“Later, we head to the club where the Megan Fox lookalike works. We haven’t been there long when the Megan Fox lookalike marches towards us and punches Lindsay in the face. I can’t say for sure, but I think I’m to blame.”

After the bust-up Lindsay tweeted about the incident, writing: “A waitress just hit me – punched me for no reason.”

Later reports suggested the bottle girl was Jasmine Waltz – who went on to become a model and reality TV star – but she always denied hitting the actress. She previously told Radar Online: “All I have to say is that disturbed little train wreck is delusional. I did not hit her … but I’d like to.”

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