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The incredible surprise of an influence who turned into Black Widow

Sin duda alguna, one of the most emblematic figures of the Marvel saga is Black Widow. The legendary character is played by Scarlett Johansson, who has written justice to comic fans with her unique interpretation.

In this sentiment, Johansson was converted into a motive of imitation to admire his work and incomparable beauty. So, many artists, models and influencers all over the world are different from this incredible persona, like the case of Joana Taylor, who through his Instagram story recreated his version of the Black Widow song.

The impactful disfraz

Fans of the saga welcomed Johansson as a true hero, who inspired cosplayers throughout the world. Joana Taylor, where @kyso_lo appeared on her Instagram, was one of those people who were distracted from this persona.

Many fans and social networks coincided with the fact that they influenced Scarlett Johansson and praised this in their comments.

Joana’s style is true to the Natasha of the last films, without exception, she takes a spicy and sensual touch to her interpretation. So much of the dress as your hair and makeup wear an important paper at the time of establishing the parecido.

As this is, the influence has made some cosplays of famous characters in the world of comics, like the case of Raven of the Titanic Youth or Yamato of One Piece.

About the Black Widow character

Natasha Alianovna Romanoff, best known as Black Widow, was created and designed by Stan Lee and later developed by Don Heck. The story that this person tells about its origins and how it was entered into as a secret agent in the Red Room.

Romanoff formed part of the program, also known as “Black Widow”, in which women were treated with medicine to improve their skills and serve the USSR satisfactorily.

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