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Why Fans Think Machine Gun Kelly Blames Himself For Megan Fox’s Miscarriage

Machine Gun Kelly's song, "Last November" speaks of one of the most heartbreaking moments of his life with Megan Fox.


  •  Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have experienced a devastating loss, possibly a miscarriage, which has affected their relationship.
  •  Despite their controversial careers and over-the-top personalities, Kelly and Fox are supportive of each other and continue to thrive in their relationship.
  •  While they have expressed a desire to have a child together, some fans feel their brief separation in 2023 may have caused complications in their plans.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have been together since 2020, and fans think a devastating loss has shaken the couple. Kelly and Fox first met on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass. They quickly hit it off and became one of the most talked about celebrity couples. Both Kelly and Fox have had seriously controversial careers in the entertainment industry, and they are known for having over-the-top personalities. Whether or not people are fans of this celebrity couple, they certainly match each other’s energies.

Though there have been plenty of rumors surrounding the couple, but after a brief break in 2023, Kelly and Fox continue to thrive in their relationship. They do not hesitate to speak kind words about each other and are very supportive. Fans noticed that one of Machine Gun Kelly’s songs seems to suggest a dark time. Does Machine Gun Kelly blame himself for Megan Fox‘s miscarriage?

Was Megan Fox Pregnant With Machine Gun Kelly’s Baby?

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship has been surrounded by many stories and rumors. The public loves to talk about the weird things they do together, like drink each other’s blood, and get worked up about the way they choose to dress.

Fox and Kelly first met when they both starred in the film Midnight in the Switchgrass in 2020. Shortly afterward, the two celebrities were spotted going out on dates and spending time together. By the end of 2020, they had gone Instagram official and were accompanying each other at large red carpet events.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Jimmy Kimmel Live
Via Instar

Since getting together, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have loved working together on various projects. Fox appeared in his music video for “Bloody Valentine” and she had a role in his film Good Mourning.

In early January 2022, Kelly asked Fox to marry him and she said yes.

Since the beginning of their engagement, however, revelations about their relationship have come out. They took a brief break in 2023, but after going through couple’s therapy, are now trying to move forward with their relationship.

The saddest revelation, however, is the news that Megan Fox may have gone through a miscarriage.

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Though neither celebrity confirmed Megan Fox’s pregnancy, a song released by Machine Gun Kelly in 2022 goes through the heartbreaking events that transpired in November 2021.

Neither Fox nor Kelly has commented on the song nor confirmed its true meaning, and fans doubt that they ever will. It is within their right to keep this aspect of their lives private, and Kelly releasing this song was likely to help him process the traumatic time.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Song, “Last November” Is Dedicated To Unborn Baby

In summer 2022, Machine Gun Kelly released the song “Last November.” The artist has previously released music about his fiancé Megan Fox, but fans were shocked when they heard the lyrics of the song.

Kelly and Fox had not previously confirmed a pregnancy. Rumors have circulated about the two expecting a child in the past, specifically in May 2022 when Kelly dedicated a performance of “Twin Flames” to Fox and their unborn child. Fox has also referred to Kelly as her future baby daddy.

It was not until Machine Gun Kelly released “Last November,” however, did fans understand what his previous dedication actually meant.

Machine Gun Kelly attends event
Via Instar

“One day and another ten weeks / I never even got to hear your heart beat,” Kelly sings in the heartbreaking ode. Fans took this lyric to mean how old their unborn child was at the time of the miscarriage.

“I didn’t get to see your face / Was it my fault? Was it karma?”

The live performance of “Last November” is very emotional, as Machine Gun Kelly’s pain is on full display as he sings to his unborn child.

The loss of a child causes an unimaginable amount of pain, and fans hope that Kelly and Fox continue to move forward and grow from this tragic loss.

Does Machine Gun Kelly Want More Kids?

Both Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have children from past relationships, so having a child together does have an extra layer of complication. Blending families is not easy, but Machine Gun Kelly has a strong relationship with his daughter Cassie and everyone seems to get along well.

Kelly has always been vocal about his love for Fox. The two seem to have an unbreakable bond, and whether other people understand it is not of concern to them. Kelly does not hesitate to praise his fiancé, especially in his song “Twin Flame.”

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox pose together for mirror selfie
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In October 2022, Megan Fox wrote on Instagram that Machine Gun Kelly had two options: “Kill me or get me pregnant.” Fox’s comedic referal to Kelly as her “future baby daddy” also has not gone unnoticed by fans. The actress does not seem to be hiding her desire to have a child with her lover.

A source confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that Fox and Kelly have talked about having a child together somewhere down the line.

“They are so excited to spend the rest of their lives together, traveling the world, living in complete bliss and harmony, and potentially expanding their family one day.”

While both Kelly and Fox seem open to the idea of having a baby together, fans are worried that their brief separation in 2023 could throw a wrench in that plan. Fox reportedly was having a hard time trusting Kelly again, and the two underwent intensive couple’s therapy before making the decision to reconcile.

All now seems well between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, but there is still no wedding. It is unclear if or when the two celebrities will officially tie the knot, and if Fox has been able to fully move on from their intense arguments and short split.

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