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Ben Affleck’s Batman would have returned in cancelled DCEU film set after The Flash, says insider

The Flash movie might not have been Ben Affleck‘s last appearance as Batman and if rumors are true, Batfleck was in store for another appearance in DCEU’s Wonder Woman 3. An insider report claims the canceled Patty Jenkins film reportedly included guest appearances from other DC characters too.

It’s another day of a sad reminder of what could’ve been if the DCEU remained alive instead of undergoing a soft reboot. The situation around Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman has left the DCU fanbase in constant confusion over the fate of the Amazonian warrior introduced in the Snyderverse timeline. While the planned Wonder Woman 3 is apparently dead, it appears Gal would reprise WW after undergoing a retcon, possibly to be addressed in Paradise Lost.

Unfortunately for fans of the DC Extended Universe, Ben Affleck’s Batman is not part of James Gunn’s plans. The DC Chief has tasked Andy Muschietti to direct the next Dark Knight live-action adaptation, titled Brave and the Bold. Though scooper MTTSH & CWGST claim the original DC Film universe did not conclude Batfleck’s journey with The Flash.

The canceled Wonder Woman 3 would have seen Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince in the present-day setting of DCEU. The events unfold after Justice League and her appearance in The Flash movie. Ben Affleck’s Batman would have been one of the cameos aside from featuring other unnamed DC characters. MTTSH also added that Affleck was fully invested in the role again.


Affleck considers his performance in The Flash as his best adaptation of the character so it does not come as a surprise the Air actor/filmmaker may have been interested in continuing the role for a few more appearances. Even so, the 51-year-old star has also been candid about his exhausting time donning the cape.

It should be noted Affleck did not hesitate to film a cameo for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom although the new leadership determined to remove it. Nonetheless, the scrapped plans may never come to fruition, or at least until the Gunnverse is established past DCU Chapter 1.


James Gunn has not addressed the future of Wonder Woman in DCU’s Gods and Monsters, specifically Chapter 1. But the DCU chief has hinted Gadot is not excluded from their plans.

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