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Angelina Jolie Urges Gov. Newsom to Sign Piqui’s Law Amid ‘Personal’ Fight for Family’s Safety

Jolie's involvement stems from her own experiences and her close connection to Ana Estevez, the mother of 5-year-old Piqui, who was tragically killed by his father in 2017

In a heartfelt appeal to California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Angelina Jolie has championed Piqui’s Law, a critical piece of legislation aimed at addressing systemic flaws within the family court system.

This law would introduce essential training for judges, mediators and court professionals concerning child abuse and domestic violence. Jolie’s involvement in this cause transcends her public persona, stemming from her own experiences and her close connection to Ana Estevez, the mother of Piqui, a 5-year-old tragically killed by his father in 2017.

The Messenger has viewed the physical letter, signed by the actress.

“You will be aware that Piqui’s Law derives its name from a 5-year-old boy who suffered a tragic fate, killed by his father in April of 2017. Piqui’s mother, Ana Estevez, fought unsuccessfully within the California family court to secure protection for her child,” Jolie wrote to Newsom. “Over the past six years, Ana has collaborated with California legislators to ensure that authorities do not overlook or dismiss the signs of abuse, signs that tragically result in harm and death for numerous children in our country.”

If enacted, Piqui’s Law holds the promise of ushering in a new era of child safety within the family court system. Additionally, the legislation is driven by the goal of preventing abused children from being separated from their non-violent parents and ordered into reunification camps — an outcome tragically experienced by young Piqui.

A source close to Jolie also told The Messenger why this law is so important for her, explaining: “Angelina has been motivated to advocate for judicial training and legal reforms based on her own personal experiences and years of meeting with experts and affected families like Ana’s. This is personal to her, and for good reason. Look at what she faced from a biased judge who was removed by the appellate court for his corrupt and secretive financial dealings with Brad Pitt’s team, violations that ran afoul of judicial ethics in her family’s case, and who refused to review evidence of domestic abuse. It’s no surprise she has taken on this specific issue. Their whole family is a victim of system failure. She has been fighting privately for her family and publicly for other families for years.”

The Governor has 12 days from Sept. 21 to sign it into law or veto the bill.

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