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Brian Austin Green, Sharna don’t ‘warn’ Megan Fox, Vanessa Marcil about co-parenting remarks

Co-parenting is just one of many topics that Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess have dived into on their new podcast “Old·ish” — and they don’t mean any harm.

Last month, the “Beverly Hills, 90210” alum, 50, shared that co-parenting with ex Vanessa Marcil has been “difficult from the beginning.” Green and Marcil, 54, met on the set of the ’90s show and share son Kassius, 21.

“Those years that he wasn’t able to go see Kassius, Vanessa made no effort to make sure Brian got time with him,” Green’s co-host and fiancee, Sharna Burgess, recalled of when Green suffered from vertigo “for years.”

“Instead, she painted him as an absent father who chose not to be around for him. And I’m sure that information was fed to Kass, and I can’t imagine how damaging that was for him.”

Despite the remarks, the couple — who are parents of son Zane, 15 months — aren’t out to “shame” any of their exes on the podcast.

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green.
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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green in better times.
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Brian Austin Green and his kids minus his youngest, Zane, whom he shares with Sharna Burgess.

“Brian spoke to Kash about co-parenting because his name was mentioned. But no, we haven’t necessarily given anyone a heads up because nothing about what we’re doing is to shame them or say bad things about people,” Burgess, 38, told The Post. “It is simply sharing our own experiences. And those experiences do involve other people in our life and we don’t share in a way that is to paint anyone in a bad light, but just to try to be honest and open about what we’ve got going on and what we’ve been through. So we haven’t necessarily needed to warn anyone.”

“We just ask people to always go back to the episode to listen to it so they can have context and tone to understand how it was truly meant and delivered. Because nothing is malicious,” the “Dancing With the Stars” alum continued. “Nothing is to create shame. It is just about creating an open, safe space for everyone to be seen and heard.”

Green also shares kids Noah Shannon, 11, Bodhi Ransom, 9, and Journey River, 7, with ex-wife Megan Fox, 37. Last month, the couple gushed over the actress while appearing on the “Whine Down with Jana Kramer” podcast.

“[Megan’s] very much a part of our life, and we’ll always be connected because of the kids. So we are all family. So there’s no bad feelings there to be like that cannot be in this house,” Burgess said at the time.

“Megan is in our home,” Green chimed in. “She’ll come sometimes when she’s dropping off or picking up the kids and she’ll come in. And she’ll be holding Zane and it’s like, we are one big family. Family defines itself obviously in different ways.”

Green and Burgess co-host their new podcast with good friend Randy Spelling, 44, the younger brother of Tori Spelling, and Green’s former “90210” costar.

Vanessa Marcil and Brian Austin Green during the “Beverly Hills, 90210” days.
Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess after revealing their engagement.
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Vanessa Marcil on the red carpet.
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Megan Fox and her fiance, Machine Gun Kelly.
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“This couldn’t be a safer space for us. Sharna and Randy just make me feel so safe in sharing who I am and the bumps in the road and the things that I’ve gone through. And I know that there’s no judgment from either one of them,” Green told The Post. “These are very common topics that we’re getting into. These are not specific to who we are and what we do as careers and the families we come from.”

Green and Burgess’ relationship has benefited from the new venture too. “I actually think it’s been really healthy for us because you you get a little complacent sometimes in a relationship as far as sitting and talking about things and like really getting into the weeds of stuff, which we were so good at when we first met each other,” Green explained. “So I think this is just a situation that forces us to talk and listen to each other. And I think it’s invaluable for us as as a couple, because we love each other and we love the fact that we can so easily do this. I love the fact that I so enjoy listening to her thoughts and feelings on situations. And now we have we have an excuse to do it two days a week in this format.”

“Old·ish” can be found on the iHeartRadio app or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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