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What Happened To Angelina Jolie’s Acting Career?

Angelina Jolie has slowed down her acting career after not feeling like herself.

As a performer gets deeper and deeper into their career, they begin to realize that the end is near. Some stars, like Freddie Prinze Jr., retire earlier than expected. Other stars, like Clint Eastwood, stay around longer than anticipated. No matter how you slice it, all careers will eventually come to an end.

Angelina Jolie has been one of Hollywood’s biggest stars for decades, and her once-prolific output has slowed down considerably. This has many wondering how much gas the actress has left in the tank.

Let’s take a look at Jolie’s output slowing down, what she has said about walking away from acting, and if she will be walking away for good, or simply pick things up again.

Angelina Jolie Is One Of Hollywood’s Most Famous Actresses, Who Once Had A Prolific Film Output

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent
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Angelina Jolie, an actress renowned for her extraordinary talent and humanitarian efforts, has left an indelible mark on Hollywood and the world. With a career spanning several decades, she has not only become one of the most celebrated actresses but also an inspiration to many.

Throughout her career, Jolie has portrayed a wide range of complex characters in both mainstream and independent films. Characters like Lara Croft, Marianne Pearl, and Maleficent are all standouts from her career, which is truly saying something.

Even outside the realm of acting and humanitarian work, Angelina Jolie’s name continues to resonate. Her films have achieved considerable success in syndication, becoming timeless classics that appeal to new generations. Movies like Girl, InterruptedMr. & Mrs. Smith, and Maleficent continue to captivate audiences on television and streaming platforms worldwide.

For many years, Jolie seemed to have a prolific output. She was seemingly everywhere, and studios were champing at the bit to get her involved in their biggest films. This helped the actress land premiere projects, many of which became successful at the box office.

In more recent years, however, things have slowed down for Jolie. This had fans speculating as to why, and in an interview, she finally shed light on what’s been going on.

Angelina Jolie Has Slowed Down, And Said That She Has Not Felt Like Herself In A Decade

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When speaking with Vogue, Jolie said, “Now I wonder if I don’t know what my style is because I’m still understanding who I am at 48. I guess I’m in transition as a person. I feel a bit down these days. I don’t feel like I’ve been myself for a decade, in a way, which I don’t want to get into. We had a lot of healing to do. We’re still finding our jogging.”

This statement certainly caught people’s attention, as Jolie has been in the midst of a number of difficulties in her personal life. These could certainly play a part in why she has not been herself, as she said.

The star, however, has shifted her focus.

“I think part of [Atelier Jolie] has also been therapeutic for me—to work in a creative space with people you trust and to rediscover yourself. I’m hoping to change many aspects of my life. And this is the forward-facing one,” she continued.

As much as fans would love to see the actress in more projects, it’s clear that she is doing what she feels is best, and that is to be applauded.

Things have slowed down for Jolie, but she has a few projects in the works.

Angelina Jolie Has Multiple Projects In The Works

jolie those who wish me dead
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According to her IMDb page, Jolie has some interesting projects on tap.

One of the most notable projects is Kung Fu Panda 4, which is listed as in production.

Jolie previously spoke about doing animated films, which is something she enjoys.

“Doing an animated movie [where you’re just providing the voice] is a very different process than doing the ones where you are actually in front of the camera. I love it. I’ve heard some people don’t, but I think it’s the greatest thing. Maybe if that’s all you did you’d feel restricted and like you also had other things to share, but for me, it’s great – you get stripped of so many things and you are just using your voice. So as an artist you think differently about how you approach it, how you communicate with just one part of your instrument. So it’s all very interesting, you know?” she said.

Elsewhere on her IMDb, Jolie is attached to projects like Every Note Played, Maleficent 3, and Maria. Each of those projects are listed as being in pre-production, and with the SAG strike still going on, fans will be keeping a close eye on how those shake out.

Not feeling like herself has kept Angelina Jolie from a more prolific output, but with multiple projects on deck, here’s hoping that things are improving.

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