Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves pictured playing catch with a nine-year-old boy

Keanu Reeves is continuing to cement his position as the nicest guy in Hollywood.

It was the ‘top moment’ of the young boy’s life

While in Houston last month for a performance with his band, Dogstar, the John Wick actor ended up making the day of one very lucky young boy.

The 59-year-old took time out from a show at the House of Blues after meeting a local woman called Annette Cruz, her nine-year-old grandson, Elijah, and his 11-year-old brother Caleb.

Cruz told Houston TV station KHOU that her hobby is meeting and taking pictures with celebrities and that she had met with over 100, including Kevin Hart, Jeremy Renner and Post Malone.

Hearing Reeves was in town, she took her grandsons to the venue where he was playing, and he kindly took time out to play a game of catch with Elijah.

When they arrived at House of Blues, Reeves’ appearance surprised Caleb, because of his hair.

“He like came out, and I didn’t expect his hair to be like a little white. I knew his hair was long but I didn’t expect it to be white,” Caleb said.

Elijah asked The Matrix star to sign an autograph and after he obliged, the pair played a game of catch.

“And when I got his signature and my brother got his signature, I asked him if he could play catch with me,” Elijah said.

“I asked him the first time and he kind of mumbled something. But I didn’t hear him so I asked him again and he said, ‘yeah come on let’s go.’”

The actor reportedly spent 30-dd seconds playing catch by the band’s tour bus.

Elijah said he was “really nervous” tossing a ball with a superstar, but it was the “top moment” of his life.

His mum added that she was surprised Reeves made time for her son as he’s “always going to remember” it.

Elijah’s older brother Caleb didn’t play catch with Reeves but did take a selfie with him.

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