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“Expend4bles”: Stallone makes the extras, Jason Statham provides the action, Megan Fox rolls the mechanics… in vain

Franchise revival for nostalgic action films EightiesExpendables has been exhausting its tenuous concept and its performers for ten years already: Bruce Willis, Schwarzy, Mickey Rourke, JCVD, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes have paid themselves a facelift with their cachet from one of the three previous episodes. The windfall of pre-Marvel musclemen is dwindling with the box office (this episode flopped in the United States).

Stallone, the icon of the Reagan years, finds a new lease of life under Trump

Even Sylvester Stallone, head of the band of mercenaries, seems to think so. Grandpa Sly is so burnt out that he only makes an extra in this episode, after a little joke about his back pain.

That leaves Jason Statham (56 brooms, anyway), the Bruce Willis of the 2000s, still flanked by the ineffable Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture. Added to this, in particular, Tony Jaa (Thai Jet Li), and 50 Cent, lined up with microphones. Andy Garcia plays the boss of the barbouzes.

“The Expendables 3”: Beware of dentures!

Testosterone and estrogen

To seduce the customer, we boost the ambient testosterone with a double dose of estrogen: Megan Fox and Levy Tran join the boy band. The first is mechanical, the second deserves a Expendables feminine in her own right: she combines charisma and dynamism. These badass chicks are necessarily younger. The Fox has twenty springs less than the Statham, which plays its sugar daddy

The scenario has a post-Oppenheimer : we must prevent the third world war. This pitch for a video game suffers from staging and special effects that border on poverty.

How Sylvester Stallone muscled Hollywood

The end of the mission is almost written in advance. There remained doubt about the fate of the headliners. Given the series’ running out of steam, an outcome worthy of the programmatic title would have been a worthy exit: we would have finished off the heroes. Alas, the producers are greedier than the mercenaries.

Expend4bles By Scott Waugh. Screenplay: Kurt Wimmer, Max D. Adams, Tad Daggerhart With: Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Andy Garcia, Megan Fox, Levy Tran,… 1h44

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