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Israeli actress Gal Gadot cancels the post of solidarity for the second time

No if closed the attachment on the other side it is solid on the other side and it is morti innocent if it is Israeli and Palestinian. Dopo essere fini nella bufera mediatica personaggi like Moni Ovadia and Elena Basile, ora è toccato also to Gal Gadot. The actress and Israeli model, Miss Israel in 2004, was a real world celebrity and owner performing Wonder Woman, the first female superhero of DC Comics, in the cinema. At the end of October 7, Gal Gadot posted on Instagram: “I’m still part of Israel, I’m still far from here” (1). Semper sullo stesso social aveva postato: “Il mondo non può risanere alla finestrawheno si compiono azioni terroristiche raccapriccianti come queste”(2). Recently, I did a variety of posts in my heart with the victim of the Hamas attack, with a story from the owner’s Instagram account in writing:

“Uccidere palestinesi innocenti è orribile. Uccidere Israeli innocenti è orribile. If you don’t get the stesso, you’ll have to worry about it.”(3)

Nulla di scandaloso anzi, the Israeli actress has simply demonstrated that her solidarity is not confronted with anyone who is innocent of this conflict, but she is Israeli or Palestinian. However, if you are not a person who can show solidarity with the innocent Palestinian victim. Infatti for this post, Gal Gadot has started to say that he has been insulted by people who are genere and grado, and added some commentators who have arrived to define a pericolosa anti-Semitic traditor. The Israeli daily life Haaretz, of the progressive stamp, has returned as against the actress if she is a local celebrity, she is a vera and proprietor “caccia all the streghe” verso which has simply manifested itself and does not confront its innocent Palestinian victims, not of Hamas. Ofira Asayag, nota commentator and TV conductor, has added her script: di “sedersi e stare zitta”(4). Gal Gadot if she saw it costretta saw her post seeing the situation, and when Ofira Asayag commented: “Well, well. My voice will respond more quickly when you respond if you are concerned about your return and your career. Ma questa volta hai oltrepassato il limit”. intendevo. All of these words are speaking to Israel’s favorite people in the world and are most likely to be the world’s most popular fronts of our criticism. Continue to do everything possible to feel the Israeli protest. My bloody heart and sono fuori di me dal dolore per quello che sta succedendo”(6).

Insomma in a contest of “caccia all the streghe” the actress has preferito tirarsene fuori ove non rischiare to compromise her career, and sincerely non sarebbe giusto giudicarla. Eppure nelle scorse ore l’attrice è stata firmataria di un mega appello, di 700 star tra cinema e tv statunitense pro Israele. The story of the publication of all the American testimonies is the idea of ​​the non-profit organization Creative Community for Peace, and has been published by the likes of Chris Pine and Mark Hamill. All positions are placed against Hamas and the appellant’s firm without sound support to Gal Gadot to avoid the end of media traffic, but only for the sake of security, and in solidarity with the innocent Palestinian victim.

All this second, I will see how much conflict there is, never mind, if this radicalization actually creates an odio smisurato within the party; therefore international diplomacy must be seriously impegnarsi for a cessate il fuoco e per l’apertura dei corridoi umanitari. At the end of the conflict, we must resolve the solution due to the situation, perched as suggested by the United Nations and the only one in grade to guarantee a lasting pace. Forse solo così, e con molto tempo, the visceral odio tra le due parti potrà sciogliersi, evitando di diventare o di far scoppiare un conflictto ancora more sanghoso so devastante.

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