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Anne Hathaway reads irrecognizably on her paper in “Eileen”, a new psychological thriller

The lost action reappeared in the scene of this irrecognizable light on the paper of “Rebecca”, a prison psychologist (Neon)

La actriz estadounidense Anne Hathaway reappeared in this scene, it was a bright light look completely different for your new paper of “Rebecca”a glamor and darkness of psychology in the near film Eileena psychological thriller set in the 60s that was released to all the cinemas on December of this year.

The Neon producer recently presented the trailer for the new film of the Oscar winner that the film has with it cabello corto, rubio platino and painted in waveswith a retro style in keeping with the ancient era in which the film is narrated. Eileen es protagonizada por Hathaway y por Thomasin McKenzie, which interprets the character of the same number. He was taken to prison in Massachusetts in the 60s and established an unusual friendship that resulted in disaster.

Hathaway’s performance as “Rebecca” in the trailer also presented as one cigarrillo smoker that, little by little, we see a kind of mentor for “Eileen”. As soon as the pair of employees got together, “Rebecca” initiated a series of seductive games to deal with, akin to, manipulate or seduce the young employee. If you trust her, the promise will reveal a secret mystery. From this moment on, Eileen’s life took place and her father, interpreted by Shea Wighambecause you know your behavior is different.

Anne Hathaway and Thomasin McKenzie in an exclusive view of “Eileen”. (Credits: Vanity Fair)

In this way, we see “Eileen” in a series of temerarios behaviors: it is a person who because it is a prison guard, it has an old gun with a gun and it includes a person who praises “Eileen” for it work with the weapon. Although in personaje de la actriz de 40 años no es el principal, sin duda es significativo, ya que contributed to all the development of the narrative that has received praise and other critical reviews. The film is described by The Hollywood Reporter as a “psychological thriller of great style” which at the same time serves as a deep study of human complexity.

El pasado enero, Eileen premiered worldwide at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is adapted from the 2015 novel of the same name by author Otessa Moshfegh and was directed by filmmaker William Oldroyd, creator of Lady Beth. It is the second of the stars of 2023 that Anne Hathaway stars, together with the new romantic drama llamado She Came to Me together with Peter Dinklage and Marisa Tomei.

“Vi Eileen in Sundance y luego vi She Came to Me In Berlin, I thought: ‘Dios mío, grito en dos películas independientes este año’”, commented Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway and Thomasin McKenzie share a screen in this intriguing psychological thriller. (Credits: NEON)

Our latest films in recent three-year films have contemplated genes like drama and romantic comedy, like The Time of Armageddon (2022), Locked Down (2021) y Las Brujas (2020), in which he interprets the papers completely distinct from the theory and dismal psychology in Eileen.

It was last worked in a thriller film in 2019 on the Serenity film, which was performed by the ex-partner of the character Matthew McConaughey. Según Hathaway, the atrajo interpretar al personaje debida que se pone a “máscara” defined by the “mirada masculina”, and because it is a type of persona that does not exist only when it is acted upon.

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