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Gal Gadot Wants to Kill More Children of Gaza to Save Humanity, What?

Hollywood actress also thinks if Israel continues to bomb the place where the hostages are kept, they will be safe, Really?

How cruel can you be? Is there any limit to cruelty? Seems like for some people, there is no limit. In a recent interview, Hollywood actress and so-called Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot cried and asked people why they wanted a ceasefire in the fight between Israel and Palestine. As you can watch in the video above, her exact words were, “I am asking myself, what happened to humanity? Why do we need to convince people that it is not okay for others to ask for Ceasefire.”

I mean how cruel can a person be, who opposes peace between two fighting groups when one side’s victim is a child one out of every two deaths? So far, more than 3500 children are already dead in Gaza while more than 5000 are injured including around 1000 who are caught in rubble and might not make it out alive. So, I will ask how many more children die so that Gal Gadot can say, I am satisfied. Even the Evil Queen she is going to play in the upcoming live-action Snow White film is not that cruel.

She goes on further and says that she is all for peace, but someone has to think of the hostages and how they can ask for a ceasefire. Her exact words, “I am all for peace, don’t get me wrong, but the hostages are there, and not a word about the hostages.” I don’t think she is stupid enough to not understand that bombing the place won’t save the hostages, but kill them. The Israeli bombs dropping from the sky will not discriminate between a hostage and a Palestinian citizen until they have some very futuristic bombing technology that can identify people and decide not to explode.

To be honest, I don’t think Gal Gadot has any sympathy for the Israeli hostages kept by Hamas in Gaza. She has the same motive as the cruel Israeli government, to bomb the whole city and kill every Philistini, whether they are children, women, or elderly – in other words, commit genocide. Even though, they have to kill their own people (hostages) in the process. If that’s not her motive, she would have supported a ceasefire and demanded the release of hostages. I mean why is shying away from straight up saying, “I don’t want any kind of ceasefire before every Palestinian child is dead, period!.”

However, Gal Gadot is not alone, there are many others in Hollywood, and the whole US Govt., who do not want a ceasefire and want the killings and bombings of Palestinian children to continue. Gadot is an Israeli citizen, so I can understand her hunger to kill the Palestinian children, given a chance, she would go there and kill them herself, but for now, she is safely chilling out in the US while running a fake campaign for saving the hostages. If the war doesn’t stop, the hostages will die along with the millions of children of Gaza, but she knows what she is doing.

The world has changed and it’s very different from the time when the US committed atrocities in Iraq, and nobody was able to find it for years. Now we have footage for every moment, the world may not be able to do anything because of their governments, but Israel and the US have to understand that hate creates more hate. After committing genocide, people are not going to love you, they are going to hate you back, and angry people do not differentiate between which Jew or American was on which side.

In conclusion, I will again repeat that hate creates more hate, and people losing their relatives and loved ones are not going to praise you for killing them. Jews have suffered that genocide, and out of all, they should be the ones to understand why not be part of creating one. But seems like not just the Israeli soldiers but also the Israeli civilians have picked up arms and are now killing innocent Palestinians in the West Bank and other Palestine areas. God save the world, if there is one.

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