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Zoe Kravitz And Channing Tatum Reveal Secret Engagement At Kendall Jenner’s Halloween Party

Channing once said he'd likely never get married again, but he's apparently changed his mind given the rock on his girlfriend's finger.


  •  Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum have secretly gotten engaged, as Zoe showed off her huge sparkler at a Halloween party hosted by Kendall Jenner.
  •  The couple attended the party in matching costumes, with Zoe dressed as Rosemary Woodhouse and Channing as the baby from the movie Rosemary’s Baby.
  •  This will be the second marriage for both Zoe and Channing, with Zoe previously married to Karl Glusman and Channing to Jenna Dewan. Despite previously expressing hesitation about marriage, Channing seems ready to tie the knot again.

There’s a newly engaged couple in Hollywood, as Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum recently revealed they got engaged in secret. Zoe flaunted her huge engagement ring at a Halloween party hosted by Kendall Jenner, and though Zoe’s costume was on point, it was her huge sparkler that caught the most attention.

Zoe and Channing attended the soiree in a couple’s costume, with Zoe as Rosemary Woodhouse from 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby, while Channing took on the role of the baby.

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Zoe And Channing Haven’t Publicly Confirmed Their Engagement

Channing Tatum during the Versace FW/23 Presentation Show
Via: Instar

Zoe was dressed in a white night gown, with her hair kept in a short, buzzed ‘do. She finished off the horror movie costume with a pair of slippers. For his pair, Channing rocked an adult-size onesie in a light blue color. He added slip-ons with red socks, a fanny pack draped around his chest, and a huge baby’s bonnet framing his face.

Zoe and Channing’s engagement comes after they met on the set of 2022’s Pussy Island, a thriller in which Kravitz will make her directorial debut. The film follows the story of a waitress from Los Angeles (played by Naomi Ackie) who accepts an invitation from a mysterious tech mogul (played by Tatum) to join him on a remote island.

“I’m really grateful that this movie has brought him into my life that way,” she told the Wall Street Journal last year about how thankful she was for the project.

“I felt, even from afar, before I knew him, that he was a feminist and that he wasn’t afraid of exploring that darkness, because he knows he’s not that,” she continued. “That’s why I was drawn to him and wanted to meet with him. And I was right.”

For now, Channing and Zoe haven’t publicly commented on their rumored engagement, though Zoe’s huge ring seems to be speaking for itself. It’s been reported that the stunning diamond could easily be worth over $1 million.

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And given that Channing has an estimated net worth of $80 million, and Zoe has a personal fortune of $10 million, it’s not unrealistic to think they dropped seven figures on an engagement ring.

“Congratulations to Zoë and Channing on their recent engagement. Looking at Zoë’s engagement ring it features an elongated cushion cut 5ct diamond, and if set on a platinum band the ring is worth over £870,000 ($1,060,000 USD), Neil Dutta, Managing Director of wedding and engagement ring specialists at Angelic Diamonds, estimated.

Channing Once Said He’d Never Get Married Again

Channing Tatum

This will be the second marriage for both Zoe and Channing. Zoe was married to Karl Glusman from 2019 to 2021, while Channing was married to Jenna Dewan from 2009 to 2019 (they share one child).

Channing previously expressed hesitation over whether he’ll get married again in the future. “I don’t know if I’m ever going to get married again. Relationships are hard for me,” he previously said. “Even though I am a bit of a monogamist.”

However, given the huge rock on Zoe’s finger, it seems that Channing is ready to walk down the aisle again.

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