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Dara Arafah is sad that many of her friends like Gal Gadot’s post supporting Israel: Her conscience is dead before her body – The war that is currently still raging in the Gaza Strip has also attracted world attention. The seemingly endless feud between Israel and Hamas has also prompted public figures to express support for the Palestinian people affected by it.

However, Instagram celebrity Dara Arafah was confused because many of her friends liked Gal Gadot’s support for Israel. Dara then expressed her frustration through a story on her personal Instagram.

“I didn’t expect that many of my friends also liked Gal Gadot’s post and other posts defending Israel,” said Dara, quoted on Tuesday.

He couldn’t stop thinking, with the news circulating on social media, according to the 22 year old, it would be impossible if his friends didn’t know that many civilians were victims. In just one week, thousands of people died as a result of the war in Palestine.

“With what has happened in Palestine, you can’t possibly not see the news on social media about how many thousands of civilians were tragically killed in one week,” said Dara.

Story Instagram Dara Arafah.  (Instagram/daraarafah)

Story Instagram Dara Arafah. (Instagram/daraarafah)

According to Dara, the current war is no longer about religion. In Palestine, it is not only Muslims who are victims, but all Palestinians from various backgrounds.

So, speaking about the plight of the Palestinian people, Dara said it is no longer a matter of religion but a matter of humanity.

“Remember, this is no longer a religious war. This is a matter of humanity,” he said.

“The Zionists bombed hospitals, schools, mosques and churches,” continued Dara.

He also admitted that he was sad for his friends who were considered to have lost their sense of humanity.

“Honestly, I feel sorry for my friends whose conscience died earlier than yours,” he said.

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