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Megan Fox’s cryptic clues reveal who her bombshell poems are about with hidden details

Megan Fox penned a poetry book titled Pretty Boys are Poisonous, which hit shelves this week, with the star seemingly giving a slew of clues within the poems about who they are about

Megan Fox’s new book Pretty Boys Are Poisonous is raising eyebrows around the world as the Hollywood star gives an insight into her life like never before, with her also seemingly giving clues as to who the poems are about.

In the collection of poems, Megan candidly opens up about her private life and little-known details about her that we never knew before. The Jennifer’s Body beauty said of the book: “These poems were written in an attempt to excise the illness that had taken root in me because of my silence. I’ve spent my entire life keeping the secrets of men, my body aches from carrying the weight of their sins.”

Machine Gun Kelly was seemingly a muse behind some of the poems in Megan's book

Machine Gun Kelly was seemingly a muse behind some of the poems in Megan’s book 


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Megan's book hit shelves yesterday (November 7)

Megan’s book hit shelves yesterday (November 7) 


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And as the world uncovers the contents of the book and takes in Meghan’s deepest thoughts, it has unleashed a series of shocking revelations. In the book, the 37-year-old opens up about rape, and past domestic abuse attacks by “very famous people”, with the star even touching on how she suffered a miscarriage with her partner Machine Gun Kelly.

The poems, of which some are incredibly graphic, seemingly have some telling clues hidden within them. Whether ages, height or other telling characteristics were written about, for some fans it will likely be easy to figure out which poem is about which person from Megan’s life.

In the poem A 6-foot-4 Damsel in Distress, which is thought to be about MGK who is that height, the model and actress pens: “You’re always waiting to be rescued, never willing to do the rescuing.” She also talks of their “twin flame” connection and how the person she writes about asked her something that she said yes to, but noted how they tasted “like ashes”.

Another poem, called A 32 Year Old Narcissist Quantifies His Crimes, sees Megan write about somebody who told her “it was an accident” and how they would “never hurt her on purpose. “But what’s the difference between manslaughter and murder?/’m still dead either way,” she also wrote.


The book spills on Megan’s personal and private life 



In another poem, which is called Rape, Megan writes: “You can beg, you can cry, you can plead, you can reason, you can bribe, you can seduce, you can fight, you can surrender but you can never outrun the wolves.” It is not known who this poem was written about, but Megan has previously spoken about sexual abuse in the past.

Meanwhile, in the poem Oxycodone and Tequila, the actress writes about a brutal attack she endured by an unnamed ex who left her covered in “bite marks and scratches”. She penned: “It always starts with a cinematic monologue. Your villain origin story. Your eyes go black and I know it’s too late to run. You lock the door, my stomach turns.”

Another poem, called F****d-up Fairytales, sees Megan write about suffering abuse from “the prettiest boy”. She writes: “Prettiest boy, full of sadness and mischief. Your words are winsome and diaphanous. Like the rain that momentarily collects on flower petals. My heart stretches eager to encapsulate your wounds. Let me heal you. Violent boy. Full of rage and insecurities. Your hands are so beautiful and strong, you use them to hurt me now. Delicate bruises splayed across my jaw, I wonder what you are thinking while I cry and beg you to stop.”

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