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Did Popular Actor Gal Gadot say “Zionism is the new Nazism” Read the Fact Check

An image of popular Israeli actor Gal Gadot is going viral on social media in which she is holding a placard that states- ‘Zionism is the new Nazism’ suggesting that she is supporting Palestine amid Israel -Hamas war.

Nazism is the totalitarian political ideology that was associated with Hitler and the Nazi party whereas Zionism is the ideology that supports and protects the state of Israel.

The claim made by the user

A social media user named Sara Rey shared this picture on the X platform and wrote: “Pass it on”. The post got 1 million views and 42k likes.

Source X

Claim made by other users

Many other social media users shared the same image and made similar claims.

Fact Check

To know the truth of the viral claim DFRAC team reverse-searched the image on Google. We found the same image on the Twitter account of Gal Gadot in which she is holding a placard carrying the text: “We Remember” and also wrote, “ Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. A day to honor the Holocaust Victims. May we never forget”. The post was dated 27 January 2018.

Holocaust Day is celebrated on 27 January and commemorates the victims of the Holocaust, which resulted in the genocide of one-third of the Jewish people.

Source X

We found the same picture on the brietbart website which states, Gal Gadot Leads Tributes on Holocaust Remembrance Day”

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